Baby ABC in box! Kids alphabet games for toddlers! for PC

Baby ABC in box! Kids alphabet games for toddlers! for PC

ABC games for kids – unique way to learn letters and sounds for kindergarten!⭐️

Baby ABC in box! Kids alphabet games for toddlers! Details

AuthorBini Bambini
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Baby ABC in box! Kids alphabet games for toddlers! For PC

aLearning agames afor atoddlers aage a3 a– aunique amethod aof alearning aletters afor akids a& awhole ababy aalphabet! aLearn aabc aand aletter asounds ain aABC agames afor atoddlers aand ababies awith ajoyful acharacters! a📚

Your akid awill acatch aliving aletters aand aputs athem atogether ainto awords. aThere ais aalso aa aconstruction akit aof aseveral aparts, aa apuzzle awhich acan abe aassembled ainto aa apicture athat adepicts athe agiven aword. aAs asoon aas athe apuzzle ais aready, athe apicture acomes amiraculously ato alife!
a🎁👶 a
📚 aThe aanimated, ajoyful aletters ain aboxes awill ahelp ayour achild ato alearn athe aalphabet aand ato aread amore athan a100 adifferent awords! aThere aare atwo alearning amodes aof alearning: areading aby asyllables aand areading aby aletters. a🤓
✍️ aThere ais aa aserious aapproach ato ateaching ahidden ainside aof aa ahumorous aand aentertaining aalphabet agame afor atoddlers. aYour achild awill alove aall athose afunny aanimated aletters, aamusing aanimations, awhich awill ateach ait athe aalphabet aand ahelp ayour achild ato alearn areading. a😍
🤗 a aWhile aplaying awith athe aletters, ayour akid awill aeasily alearn athe anames aof athe aletters aand athe acorrespondent asounds, ait awill asuccessfully aread ahis afirst awords aand aalso atrain ahis afine amotor askills...

📌 a"Baby aABC ain abox! aKids aalphabet agames afor atoddlers" ais:

📕 a26 aanimated acharacters ato alearn aletters aand asounds afor akindergarten!
📗 a100 awords ato alearn ato aread!
📘 aa atwo-in-one: alearn athe aletters afor akids aand alearn ato aread!
📙 aa afunny atalking aenglish: alearning aabc asounds
📕 alearning athe aalphabet afor akids ain atwo alearning amodes: aread aby aletters, aread aby asounds a
📗 aa agreat aanimated aconstruction akit!
📘 a100 acool apuzzles afor akids!
📙 afascinating, aplayful alearning ain aenglish!
📕 atrains aand adevelops afine amotor askills;
📗 asounds, aletters aand athe awhole aalphabet afor akids afrom a2 ato a5 ayears.
📘 afunny asound aeffects!
📙 athe aenglish aalphabet afor atoddlers!
📕 aoriginal aanimated apuzzles!
📗 asynchronized aletters aand athe awhole aalphabet!
📘 aconvenient ainterface afor achildren afrom a3 ato a4 ayears!
📙 apre-school alearning afor achildren!
📕 adevelopment aof aattention aand aimagination!
📗 aparental acontrol;
📘 aads-free.

Abcd afor akids awith asound afor a2 ayear ababy ahelp awith aspelling asounds aand amake afirst asteps ain alearning ato aread!

🤓 aA aunique alearning amethod: alearn ato aread awhile aassembling apuzzles aand awords aout aof aanimated aletters!

🎒We aare ain aabsolute aconfidence athat aour aapps awill ahelp ayour akids alearn ato aread, alearn aabc aand aletter asounds aand aestablish aa asolid afoundation afor agood areading askills! a

😉 aThis aapp ahas abeen acreated aby a🖐 aBini aBambini a🖐, aa asoftware acompany awhich adevelops akids agames afor atoddlers a3 ayears aol aand alearning agames afor atoddlers aage a3. aWith aour aapps akids alearn athe aalphabet, aletters, anumbers aand aphonics. aThe aalphabet agames apreschool ahelp ato adevelop amemory, aattention aspan, avocabulary aand aspeech, aas awell aas aother abasic askills. aChildren aare aexposed ato alearning aabc asounds, awriting aand acounting athrough abuilding apuzzles aand adoing asimple amath. aLearn athe aletters afor akids ahas anever abeen aso aawesome aand afun! a📚

👉 aThere ais aonly aa apart aof athe acontent aavailable ain athe afree aversion aof athe aapplication. aTo again aaccess ato athe afull aversion, ayou awill aneed ato amake aa abuilt-in apurchase.

🙌 aAs aa acompany awe astrive ato amake aour aapps apractical, ainstilling aa adesire afor aknowledge, ainterest ain areading aand astudying. aOur aapps acontain ano athird aparty aadvertising aand acomply awith athe astandards aof a“Designed aFor aFamily”.