Bitdefender Antivirus Free for PC

Bitdefender Antivirus Free for PC

Essential Security for Your Device

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Android Version4.0.3 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Bitdefender Antivirus Free For PC

aTake aBitdefender’s aaward-winning aantivirus aprotection awith ayou!

Bitdefender's aAntivirus aFree ais aa apowerful aand afast asolution athat auses ain-the-cloud ascanning atechnology ato aarm ayour aAndroid adevice awith athe avery alatest aindustry aleading avirus adetection. aWithout aslowing adown ayour aAndroid aor adraining ayour abattery. aSimply ainstall aon ayour aAndroid aand ait’s aready ato ago—nothing ato aconfigure. a

And ait's atotally afree! a

Unparalleled aDetection
Autopilot aautomatically ascans aany anew aapps athat aare adownloaded ato ayour aAndroid adevice afor aviruses. aAntivirus aFree auses athe asame ascanning aengines aas aBitdefender aMobile aSecurity-our aflagship amobile asecurity aapp athat ahas abeen aindependently acertified ato acatch amore athan a99% aof aall aviruses atargeted aat aAndroid adevices. aThis apowerful ascanner akeeps ayou aprotected a24/7 aagainst amalicious aactivities. a

Feather-Light aPerformance
Instead aof adownloading aand astoring avirus asignatures adirectly ato aAndroid adevices, aAntivirus aFree auses ain-the-cloud aservices ato acheck aonline afor athe alatest asafeguards ato aoutbreaks. aThis anot aonly aresults ain asuper-fast ascans, abut ain aclose ato azero aimpact aon abattery alife aand adevice aperformance. a a a

Hassle-Free aOperation
Don't aworry. aEver. aYou acan asleep abut aAutopilot, aa asmart aon-install ascanner athat achecks aall aapps afor asuspicious aactivity, awon't. aThreats aand aviruses aare ablocked abefore aany adamage ais adone. a a

Zero aConfiguration
Bitdefender aAntivirus aFree aoffers ayou aessential aantivirus aprotection aagainst aall aAndroid athreats. aIt ais aready ato ago aright aafter ainstallation, aacting aas aan aeffective aguardian aagainst amobile amalware. aMoreover, athe aAutopilot aautomatically ascans aany anew aapps ayou ainstall. a

Upgrade ato aTotal aSecurity afor aAndroid aDevices
Upgrade ato aBitdefender aMobile aSecurity, aand ayou’ll anot aonly acontinue ato aenjoy athe asame afeatures aas aabove, abut aalso again aan aarray aof aadditional acutting-edge acapabilities. aThey ainclude athe areal-time ascanning aof apages ayou're aviewing aonline, aas awell aas athe aability ato alock, alocate, aand awipe ayour aAndroid adevice ain acase ait abecome alost aor astolen.

Download athe a14-day aTrial aVersion anow a– a