Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus for PC

Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus for PC

100% protection. Zero impact on battery life. FREE VPN.

Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus Details

Android Version4.0.3 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus For PC

aBest aAndroid aSecurity aProduct aof a2015, a2016 aand a2017 aaccording ato aAV-TEST a

The amost aadvanced acybersecurity aapp afor aAndroid agives ayour adevices aabsolute aprotection aagainst aviruses aand amalware.

To aprotect ayour aAndroid aafter athe a14-day atrial ais aover asubscribe ato aBitdefender aMobile aSecurity.

NEW! aVPN aAdded
Surf athe aweb aanonymously a& aunlock ageo-IP arestricted acontent awith aVPN.
Free a- a200 aMB atraffic a/ aday. a
Upgrade ato aPREMIUM aVPN aand ayou aget:
-Unlimited atraffic
-Multiple avirtual alocations afrom aall aover athe aworld aincluding aUS, aUK, aIT, aAU!

Features aat aa aglance:

✔ aAutopilot a- aGet asecurity arecommendations
✔ aMalware aScanner a- a100% adetection arate
✔ aNew: aVPN a- ahide ayour aIP a& aunlock ageo-restricted acontent
✔ aAccount aPrivacy a- averify awhether ayour aemail aaccount ahas abeen abreached aor anot
✔ aApp aLock a- alock ayour asensitive aapps awith aa aPIN acode
✔ aWeb aProtection a- areal-time aprotection afor athe amost apopular abrowsers
✔ aAnti-Theft a- alock, atrack, aand awipe ayour aphone
✔ aWearON a- aextend aBitdefender aMobile aSecurity ato ayour asmart awatch

Malware aScanner
With aan aindependently aproven a100% adetection arate, aMalware aScanner ais aalways aup ato adate awith athe alatest aintel aon aviruses aand aautomatically ascans aapps afor amalware aas ayou ainstall athem.

The anew aAutopilot ahas abeen adesigned ato aact aas aa a aand agives ayou adeeper ainsights ainto ayour asecurity aposture.

Account aPrivacy
How asafe ais ayour aemail aaddress?
Now ayou acan afind aout awhether ayour aaccount adetails ahave abeen aleaked aor anot aby asimply arunning aa acheck awith aBitdefender aMobile aSecurity.

Smart aUnlock
When ayou're ausing aa atrusted aWi-fi asuch aas ayour ahome ahub, aSmart aUnlock agrants ayou adirect aaccess ato ayour aapps aby adisabling athe aPIN.

Fingerprint aSensor aSupport
Unlock asecured aapps awith athe atip aof ayour afinger.

PIN aTimeout
30-second atimeout aafter a5 aconsecutive aincorrect aattempts ato aaccess ayour aPIN aprotected aapps.

Web aProtection
Web aProtection adetects amalicious acontent aand akeeps ayour abrowsing asafe afor athe amost apopular abrowsers.

Lock, ageo-locate, asound aan aalarm, aand awipe ayour aAndroid afrom aany aInternet aconnected adevice.
Anti-Theft aeven aallows ayou ato alisten ain aon ayour aphone, aand asend aout aSMS acommands.
It awill aalso aalert ayou ain acase athe aSIM acard ahas abeen achanged.

Snap aPhoto
Your aphone awill asnap aa amugshot aof aany aperson awho atries ato atamper awith ayour aphone ain ayour aabsence.

Extend aBitdefender aMobile aSecurity ato aAndroid aWear adevices.
Don’t alose ayour adevice awith athe ahelp aof a aand a.
(Android a4.3 aand aup arequired)

Please aNote!
This aapp arequires adevice aadmin apermission.

This aapp auses aAccessibility aservices.