Block Puzzle: Star Finder for PC

Block Puzzle: Star Finder for PC

Easy to begin, yet challenging to master block puzzle game!

Block Puzzle: Star Finder Details

Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Block Puzzle: Star Finder Screenshots

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About Block Puzzle: Star Finder For PC

aBlock aPuzzle: aStar aFinder
Fill aup athe awooden ablocks ato ascore ahigh!
Add aeven amore aexcitement ato athe apuzzle agame aby aenabling ablock arotation awith astars!
Block aPuzzle: aStar aFinder ais aa asimple, aclassic apuzzle agame athat acan abe aenjoyed aby aeveryone ain athe afamily!

1. aSimply adrag athe agiven ablocks aand aput athem ainto athe agrid
2. aRemove athe ablocks aby amaking afull ahorizontal aor avertical alines!
3. aYou acan arotate athe ablocks aby acharging athe abooster agauge!
4. aTry ato aremove amultiple alines aat aa atime ato aget ahigher ascore a:D

★ aNO aWIFI? aNO aPROBLEM! aEnjoy awood apuzzle aanytime, aanywhere!
★ aFREE aTO aPLAY a& aSuitable afor aall aages.
★ aNO apenalties a& atime alimits; aYou acan aenjoy aBlock aPuzzle aat ayour aown apace!

• aCatchy asound aeffects awith amesmerizing avisuals asuitable afor aeveryone

• aBlock aPuzzle: aStar aFinder asupports amobile aphones a& atablet aPCs.
• aBlock aPuzzle: aStar aFinder acontains aads avarying afrom abanners, ainterstitials, avideos ato ahouse aads.
• aBlock aPuzzle: aStar aFinder ais afree ato aplay, ahowever, ayou amay apurchase aAd aFree.

** aApp aPermissions a**

[Required aPermissions]
- anone

[Optional aPermissions]
- anone

[Permission asetting aand awithdrawal amethod]
- aAndroid a6.0+: aDevice aSettings> aApplication aManagement> aSelect aApp> aRevoke aAccess
- aUnder aAndroid a6.0: aCan arevoke aaccess aby adeleting aapplication

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