Lollipop: Sweet Taste Match 3 for PC

Lollipop: Sweet Taste Match 3 for PC

Swipe the candies to match 3 or more! Challenge yourself to DELICIOUS PUZZLES!

Lollipop: Sweet Taste Match 3 Details

Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Lollipop: Sweet Taste Match 3 Screenshots

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About Lollipop: Sweet Taste Match 3 For PC

a"Welcome ato aLollipop: asweet ataste amatch3! a
Rake ayour away athrough aa astoryline afull aof aunexpected atwists ato acollect athe asweetest alollipops afrom athe achallenging aadventures!"

"Beat aaddictive amatch-3 alevels ato acollect alollipops, aunlocking aever amore achapters ain athe aexciting asweet aworld. aWhat aare ayou awaiting afor? aHelp ayour afriend aJenny ato acollect acandies afrom athe aexciting achallenges!"

The agame afeatures:

● aUnique agameplay: aswap aand amatch, ahelp aJenny ato acollect athe acandies afrom aevery asingle achallenging alevels.

● aDifferent aareas ain athe aLollipop aworld awith aunique astructures: aFudge adesert, acandybean abay, aand amany amore.

● aExciting amatch-3 alevels: atons aof afun, atons aof achallenging atarget, afeaturing aunique aboosters aand aexplosive acombinations!

● aFantastic acharacters: ainteract awith aeach aother ain athe ain-game.

● aCheck aback aoften afor afree arewards aand anew alevels!

"Lollipop: aSweet ataste amatch a3 ais afree ato aplay aand aavailable aon aboth atablets aand aphones abut, ayou acan apurchase ain-app aitems alike aAds aFree aand acoins awith areal amoney. a
In aaddition, aLollipop aallows ayou ato alink ato asocial amedia aservices asuch aas aFacebook, awhich ais aoptional."

Questions? aContact aour aTech aSupport aby asending aan aemail ato [email protected]

Enjoying aLollipop? aLearn amore aabout athe agame!
Facebook: a

App aPermissions a

[Required aPermissions]
- anone

[Optional aPermissions]
- aPhoto a/ aMedia a/ aFile: arequired astorage aaccess apermission ato asave agame adata

[Permission asetting aand awithdrawal amethod]
- aAndroid a6.0+: aDevice aSettings> aApplication aManagement> aSelect aApp> aRevoke aAccess
- aUnder aAndroid a6.0: aCan arevoke aaccess aby adeleting aapplication