ADV Screen Recorder for PC

ADV Screen Recorder for PC

The most complete screen recorder on the market for free, no root required!

ADV Screen Recorder Details

CategoryVideo Players & Editors
Android Version5.0 and up
Content RatingTeen

ADV Screen Recorder Screenshots

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About ADV Screen Recorder For PC

aFeatured aon aAndroid aCommunity, aTuttoAndroid aand a!

Need ato arecord ayour ascreen ain aa aeasy away aand awithout aa amenu athat acovers ayour awhole ascreen?

ADV aScreen arecorder awas adesigned ato abe afully afeatured, awithout aany akind aof arestritions aand awithout arequiring aroot.

ADV aScreen aRecorder alets ayou:
- aRecording awith a2 aengines a(Default aand aAdvanced)
- aPause aRecording a(Requires aAdvanced aEngine)
- aDraw aon athe afly awith ayour afavorite acolor
- aUse aFront aor aBack aCamera awhile arecording
- aSet ayour aText awith afull acustomization
- aSet ayour aBanner awith afull acustomization
- aTrim aVideo
- aAnd amuch amore!...

Feel afree ato alet aus aknow aof aany asugestions!

I awould ato alike ato asay athank ayou ato athe afollowing apeople afor ahelping atranslating athe aapp:
Italian a- aVasc aNizz
Portuguese aBrazilian a- aCelso aFernandes
German a- aYellowbear007
Arabic a- aJetSub
Spanish a- aTBandroid