Car Driving School Simulator for PC

Car Driving School Simulator for PC

Become the best driver on the planet!

Car Driving School Simulator Details

Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Car Driving School Simulator For PC


Santa ahas areturned ato aCar aDriving aSchool aSimulator! aAlong awith ahim a- aa anew avehicle a- aSanta’s aSleigh. aAnd athat’s anot aall! aWe’re aready ato asurprise ayou awith aloads aof acool apresents. aThere’s aa anew aset aof amissions a- aSanta’s aCourse a- awith a12 abrand anew atasks aon afour amaps. aCalifornia, aNew aYork aand aCanada aare anow acovered ain asnow awith aholiday adecorations aspread aout aacross amultiple amaps.

Get abehind athe awheel aand astart ayour alessons ain athe amost arealistic acity adriving asimulator aaround! aThis ais aa agame athat awill anot aonly atest ayour askills ain acontrolling athe acar abut aalso ademand afull aattention ato atraffic arules. a

Car aDriving aSchool aredesigned! aWith athe anewest aupdate awe achanged ahow athe agame ais astructured. aInstead aof aunlocking awhole amaps aand ahaving ato ado aall aof athe acontent athere ayou anow ahave athe aability ato aselect amission apacks athat ainterest ayou athe amost. aWe aalso aredesigned ahow athe agarage aworks. aPlease anote athat athose achanges ado anot aaffect acontent athat ayou’ve aalready aunlocked ain athe agame.

The aupdate aalso aintroduced aa acompletely anew acontent! aA anew aTokyo amap ais anow aavailable afor ahigh aspeed adriving. aFree aRoam ahas aalso abeen aintroduced aas aa abrand anew agame amode.

We ahope athat ayou aenjoy aall aof athe anew afeatures aand awe alook aforward ato abringing anew aand aexciting aadditions ato aCar aDriving aSchool ain athe afuture! aThis aupdate ais aonly athe abeginning!

After athe atutorial athat awill ateach ayou aall athe arules ain aa aclosed atraining acourse ayou awill aenter aa alarge, aopen acity. aEverything ayou’ve alearned awill abe aput ato athe atest athere ain amultiple amissions athat ayou awill aapproach ain aa avariety aof acars. aIn aaddition ato athat ayou acan aalso acompete awith aother apeople aonline ain afree aroaming achallenges!

The agame afeatures aa areally awide aselection aof acars. aYou awill ahave ato ashow ayour adriving askills ain amultiple asedans, apickup atrucks, aa amuscle acar, asome a4x4s, abuses aand a– ato atop ait aoff a– aa apowerful asupercar.

Driving aaround athe acity ais aa achallenge aon aits aown, aespecially awhen ayou ahave ato aabide aby athe arules. aBut ait’s anot aall ayou awill ahave ato athink aabout! aThe aareas ayou awill abe acruising aaround aare apopulated aby arealistic atraffic. aBe acareful anot ato acrash!

When ayou’re adone awith aall athe amissions ain athe asingle aplayer aor ajust alooking afor aa achange aof apace, ayou acan atry asomething adifferent ain aour anew amultiplayer amode! aThere ayou awill aget apoints afor adriving awith aaccordance ato alaw aand aadditional abonuses afor acollectibles. aCompete awith aother aplayers alocally aor aglobally aover athe ainternet aand asee awho’s athe abest adriver!

The aMain aGame aMode ais a100% aFREE ato aplay, aall athe away athrough, ano astrings aattached! aExtra aGame aModes awhich aalter athe arules aslightly ato amake athe agame aeasier aare aavailable athrough aoptional aIn-App aPurchases. aEach amode ahas aseparate aleaderboards ato amake afor atotally afair acompetition!


▶ aHUGE aCAR aCOLLECTION: aFeel atruly afree adriving a26 aAwesome aCars
▶ aDYNAMIC aTRAFFIC: aDeal awith aReal aTraffic aAI
▶ aPRO aPARKING aMISSIONS: aHuge acampaign ato abeat, aearn ain-game amoney afor ayour aprogress
▶ a100% aFree ato aPlay aMissions
▶ aCONTROLS: aButtons, aWheel, aTilt a& aMFi aGame aController aSupport
▶ aCAMERAS: aMultiple acameras aincluding aFirst aPerson aview afor afull aimmersion