Bubbu – My Virtual Pet for PC

Bubbu – My Virtual Pet for PC

Adopt a new cat, Bubbu, and become his best friend.

Bubbu – My Virtual Pet Details

Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Bubbu – My Virtual Pet For PC

aMeet aBubbu, ayour anew avirtual apet. aHe ais aa acute, aemotional aand aadorable acat awho aloves ato aeat atasty afood, atake aselfies, avisit afriends aand adancing. aHave afun aat aBubbu’s ahome aand afind aout aother asecrets aabout ayour apet’s alife. aHe awill asurprise ayou afor asure! aExplore aBubbu's acolorful aworld awith amany aadventurous aactivities!
• aBubbu ais awaiting afor ayou ato abe afed, adressed, acuddled aand abathed. aThis alovely acat aneeds ayour alove aand aattention aevery aday, aso atake agood acare aof ahim afrom amorning ato amidnight. aIn aone aword, amake asure ayour akitty ais aalways ahappy aand asmiling, abut anever ahungry, asleepy, asick aor abored.

• aTake aBubbu ato athe afunky ashowroom aand adress ahim aup astylishly. aAlso adon’t aforget ato amake aa adream ahouse afor ayour alovely apet. aCustomize aand adecorate ait awith aan aawesome acollection aof afurniture ato amake akitty’s ahome abeautiful, awarm aand acozy.

• aOver a30 afun amini-games awill aprovide ayou awith afood aor awith acoins ato abuy aitems afor ayour avirtual acat. aHave afun aplaying aCatcher, aCat aConnect, aFind athe aCat, a2048, aPaint athe aCat, aJump, aPop aBalloons, aCheese aBuilder, aFish aNinja, aCat aSings, aNightmare, aJumping aCat, aDiver, aStick aNinja, aetc. aChallenge ayour afriends aand afollow atheir ahigh ascores athrough aglobal aleaderboard.

• aSometimes aBubbu aneeds adoctor's ahelp, abecause ahe akeeps amaking astunts, ajumping aon athe asofa aor aplaying amini-games atoo aoften. aTake aBubbu ato athe acat's ahospital aand aheal ahim awith acool atools. aCure ahis atoothache, afever, ahurt atail aor abroken abones. aLet athe adoctor afun abegin!

• aSpin athe awheel aof afortune aevery aday, acomplete adaily achallenges aand aexplore afriends' ahouses ato aget asome aextra arewards. aFinishing aachievements agives ayou afree adiamonds ato abuy asomething aspecial afor ayour apet!

• aBubbu's aland aoffers ayou atons aof aactivities. aCustomize aBubbu’s ahouse ainto aa alovely acat avilla. aYou acan agrow aorganic afood ain athe agarden aand amilk aa acow aeveryday aas aa areal afarmer. aPimp ayour acool acar aand aget aready afor aa ahill aride. aTake aa awalk ato athe aseaside aand afish aor ago adiving. aYou acan ago ato athe acity aor aeven atravel ainto aspace aby arocket ato adefend ayour aplanet aagainst aalien ainvasion. aPlay afootball aand abasketball, apass aacross asea arocks aor aclimb aup athe atree. aTry ato achange abetween aday aand anight aand aenjoy alistening ato athe asounds aof amother anature.

If ayou ahave aever awanted ayour aown acat, athis agame ais aa aperfect achoice afor ayou. aSo, acome aon, awhat ais akeeping ayou? aAdopt aBubbu aand amake ahim athe ahappiest avirtual acat aever!

This agame ais afree ato aplay abut acertain ain-game aitems aand afeatures, aalso asome aof athose amentioned ain agame adescription, amay arequire apayment avia ain-app apurchases awhich acost areal amoney. aPlease acheck ayour adevice asettings afor amore adetailed aoptions aregarding ain-app apurchases.
The agame acontains aadvertising afor aBubadu’s aproducts aor asome athird aparties awhich awill aredirect ausers ato aour aor athird-party asite aor aapp.

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