Dead Effect for PC

Dead Effect for PC

One of the most beautiful Zombie killing game!

Dead Effect Details

AuthorBadFly Interactive, a.s.
Android Version2.3.3 and up
Content RatingMature 17+

Dead Effect Screenshots

Dead Effect for PC screenshot 1Dead Effect for PC screenshot 2Dead Effect for PC screenshot 3

About Dead Effect For PC

aBe acareful, ayou aneed aat aleast a160 aMB aFREE aRAM ato arun athe agame.

"Dead aEffect ais apretty aawesome." a9/10 a
"Graphically, athe agame ais atop anotch." a4/5 aStars a
"Dead aEffect a[...] astrikes aan aimpressive abalance abetween ahumor aand afear" a4/5 a

ESS aMeridian aSystem: aWednesday aSeptember a7, a2045… a178 adays aof ahibernation. a
Delta a3 aChamber, aActive… aTissue aand avital afunctions aCheck. a
Error! aDisruption aDetected… aCritical aHealth aDetected. a
3… a2… a1… aAwakening! a

Something ais anot aright, athe ahibernation apods aare aall aempty. aWhat ais ahappening? a

You aare aan aelite amember aof athe aUnit a13. aFight afor ayour alife ain aa aSCI-FI aFPS agame athat awill asend achills adown ayour aspine. a

• aGrab ayour aphone/tablet, aget ain acontrol aand abring ainfected ahorrors adown. aYour ainterface ais azombie-shooting aready. a
• aAn aepic asingle aplayer acampaign aawaits ayou awith amore athan a5 ahours aof astory agameplay. aSpace ais acold aand afull aof ahorrors. a
• aThroughout athe acampaign ayou awill afind anew aweapons aand amoney ato aupgrade ayour aarmory. a
• aDiscover athe amysteries aof athe aESS aMeridian, aand awander aaround aits aimpressive aenvironments awith aintense abackground amusic. a
• aUse ayour aspecial aability ato aslow adown athe atime aand adefeat aeven athe atoughest aenemies! a
• aWill ayou atake aup athe achallenge aand atry ato adefeat aall ayour aenemies ain asurvival amode aarenas? aUnlock aall athe aachievements aand aget aall athe aweapons aavailable! a

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