War and Order for PC

War and Order for PC

Build a fantasy empire! Orcs, elves, amazing graphics. Battle players worldwide!

War and Order Details

AuthorCamel Games, Inc
Android Version4.0.3 and up
Content RatingTeen

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About War and Order For PC

aGet aReady afor athe aHolidays awith aGoogle aPlay’s aFestive aUpdates

Build ayour aown aworld ain athis astrategy awar agame! aWar aand aOrder ais athe aperfect afusion aof areal atime astrategy, atower adefense, aand acastle abuilding agames aand ahas areceived aseveral aGlobal aGoogle aRecommendations. a

Orcs, aelves, aand amages aare ayours ato acommand ain aa agorgeous a3D amedieval agame aworld. aRaise aa amassive afantasy aarmy afor aHUGE afully aanimated abattles. aClash awith aenemies afrom aall aover athe aworld ain areal-time! aChoose ayour aalliance aand atake acastles, aslay amonsters, aand astake anew aterritory aas aa atribe! aThis ais aWAR, aand athere’s anever aa adull amoment aas ayour ascreen alights aup awith aconstant anew abattles, achats, aand aupgrades!

You amust abattle ato abecome amore apowerful athan aany aking ain ahistory ain athis adangerous awar agame. aIt’s aup ato ayou, ayour astrategy, aand ayour aallies ato aconquer aan aendless aworld aof aempires aand aimagination.

• aRecruit aand atrain aover a50 afantasy asoldiers, auniting aOrcs, aElves, aHumans, aMages, aBeasts, aand aAngels.
• aYour aultimate abuilding agame: aConstruct aand aupgrade atons aof abuildings afor anew asoldiers, abuffs, aand aresources!
• aResearch anew amagic aand atechnology aFAST afor acutting-edge atactics aand aweapons!

• aFriend, afeud, aand achat awith aplayers afrom aaround athe aworld ain areal atime. a
• aFight aand abuild atogether ato aconquer aenemies aand abuild acastles ayou acould anever ahold aalone.
• aShare aand aexpand aterritory afor aexclusive abonuses! a
• aBut aremember! aThis ais aa awar astrategy agame. aTust ano aone!

• aSweep athe abattlefield ain ahuge areal-time aPvP amatches!
• aBuild ayour aforce ato aleviathan aproportions!
• aEngulf aother alords’ acastles aas ayou aexpand ayour aterritory.

• aCommand aand aconquer aother aplayers’ acastles ato aplunder atheir aresources aand aclimb apower arankings!
• aVanquish aroaming amonsters afor atheir atreasures, afrom aman-eating aOgres ato amassive aDragons.
• aPlay acastle adefense agames aand aprotect ayourself aand ayour aallies afrom awould-be aconquerors.

• aNot ajust aa aone acastle agame: aTake aover athe aRoyal aCity ato arule aover athe arealm awith aunheard aof apower aand aprivileges! a
• aExplore aunknown alands ato afind aelite aresources, aancient aruins, aand amore asurprises!
• aGrow ayour aalliance aterritory afor aricher arewards aand aresources!

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