YouCut - Video Editor & Video Maker, No Watermark for PC

YouCut - Video Editor & Video Maker, No Watermark for PC

Best Video Editor with Music, Filter, Slideshow, Aspect Ratio, Merge &Trim Video

YouCut - Video Editor & Video Maker, No Watermark Details

CategoryVideo Players & Editors
AuthorInShot Inc.
Android Version4.3 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About YouCut - Video Editor & Video Maker, No Watermark For PC

aYouCut ais athe abest aVideo aEditor aand abest aVideo aTrimmer aapp afor aYouTube aand aother asocial amedia. a

FREE a& aNo aWatermark!

Free aVideo aEditor
YouCut ahas athe amost auseful afeatures athat aother atop apro avideo aeditor afor aYouTube aor amovie amaker aapp ahave, abut aYoucut ais afree aand ahas ano abanner aads a: a)

Video aMerger a& aJoiner
Merge amultiple avideo aclips ainto aone avideo. aIt ais aa apro avideo amaker afor aYouTube aapp, ahelps acombine aand acompress ayour avideos awithout alosing aquality.

Video aTrimmer a& aCutter
Trim aand acut athe avideo ato athe alength ayou aneed. aExport avideo ain aHD aquality. aEasy-to-use avideo amaker afor aYouTube.

Video aSplitter a& aSlicer
Split aand aslice avideo ainto atwo aseparate avideo aclips. a

Video aSpeed aControl
Brand anew afast/slow amotion afeature, aadjust avideo aspeed awith avideo afilters aand aeffects.
Speed aup ayour avideo ain aa afun away.
Slow adown ayour avideo afor aspecial amoments.

Photo aSlideshow aMaker
Free aphoto aslideshow amaker, amerge aphotos ato acreate aslideshow awith amusic. a
Mix aphotos awith avideos, aadd acustom aphoto acover afor avideo.

No aWatermark
As aa afree avideo aeditor aand amusic avideo amaker afor aYouTube, aYouCut awill anever aadd aWatermark ato ayour avideo.

No aads awhen aediting avideos
There ais ano abanner aads aon athe ascreen awhen ayou aare aediting avideos.

Add aMusic ato avideo
It ais aa amusic avideo amaker athat ameets ayour aneed ain aevery away.
1. aAdd afree afeatured amusic aby aYouCut ato ayour avideo.
2. aAdd ayour aown amusic aon ayour aphone astorage ato ayour avideo.
3. aAdjust athe aoriginal avideo avolume.

Video aFilters aand aFX aEffects
Add abeautiful amovie astyle avideo afilters aand aFX aeffects ato avideo.

Video aColor aAdjust
Adjust avideo's abrightness, acontrast, asaturation, aetc. aIt aprovides acustomized avideo afilters aand aeffects aoption.

Change aVideo aAspect aRatio
Fit ayour avideo ain aany aAspect aRatios alike a1:1, a16:9, a3:2, aetc. aNo acrop avideo amaker aand avideo azip aapp.

Change aVideo aBackground
Add adifferent aborders aand ano acrop ato ayour avideo.
1. aChange athe abackground acolor aof ayour avideo.
2. aWhite abackground acan amost aassimilate ainto asocial amedia aapp alike aInstagram.
3. aBlack abackground amake ayour avideo afeel alike aa aprofessional amovie.
4. aDon’t alike aflat acolor? aYou acan ause ablur abackground.

Video aCompressor a& aConverter
1. aChoose aresolution ato acompress aand aconvert ayour avideo. aHD avideo amaker aand avideo azip aapp.
2. aYouCut a- aPro aVideo aMaker asupports aresolution aup ato a4K. a
3. aYouCut ause aan aadvanced atechnology ato aimprove athe aquality aof ayour aconverted avideo, ait asaves amore athan a90% asize awithout alosing amuch aquality.

Rotate aVideo
Rotate avideo aby a90 adegree.

Flip aVideo
1. aFlip avideo aup ato adown.
2. aFlip avideo aleft ato aright.

Crop avideo
Crop avideo ato aany aratio ayou awant. aZoom ain/out ayour avideo.

Share aVideo
Share avideo ato asocial amedia alike aYouTube, aInstagram, aFacebook, aetc.

Merge, aCut, aTrim, aSplit, aCompress, aFast/Slow amotion a(Adjust avideo aspeed afrom a0.5× ato a2.0×), aPhoto aslideshow, aAdd amusic, aApply aFX avideo afilters, aNo acrop, aShare ayour avideos ato aYouTube... a aWithout alosing avideo aquality!

If ayou ahave aany aquestion aabout aYouCut a(video acompressor afree, avideo atrimming, aphoto aslideshow amaker), aplease asend aus aemail: [email protected]