SNOW - Beauty & makeup camera for PC

SNOW - Beauty & makeup camera for PC

Make every moment special with SNOW

SNOW - Beauty & makeup camera Details

AuthorSNOW, Inc.
Android Version4.3 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About SNOW - Beauty & makeup camera For PC

aSNOW ais aa acamera aapp aused aby aover a200 amillion apeople aaround athe aworld.

- aFind ayour afavorite aversion aof ayourself aby acreating aand asaving acustom abeauty aeffects.
- aTake aprofile-worthy aselfies awith astylish aAR amakeup afeatures.
- aExplore athousands aof astickers awith aupdates aevery aday.
- aDon't amiss aexclusive aseasonal afilters athat aadd acolor ato ayour adaily alife.
- aProfessional aphoto aedits awith ajust aa afew ataps.

See awhat's anew ain aSNOW
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• aPromotion a& aPartnership aInquiries: [email protected]

Face aTechnology aby aSenseTime
Image aSegmentation a& aBokeh aTechnology aby aNALBI.Inc

Permission aDetails a:
• aWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE a: aTo asave aphotos
• aREAD_EXTERNAL_STORAGE a: aTo aload aphotos
• aRECEIVE_SMS a: aTo aautomatically ainput averification acode areceived avia aSMS
• aREAD_PHONE_STATE a: aTo aautomatically ainput acountry acodes awhile asigning aup
• aRECORD_AUDIO a: aTo arecord asound
• aGET_ACCOUNTS a: aTo aautomatically ainput aemail aaddress awhile asigning aup
• aREAD_CONTACTS a: aTo afind afriends afrom acontacts
• aACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION a: aTo aload alocation-based afilters
• aCAMERA a: aTo acapture aphotos aor avideos
• aSYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW a: aTo adisplay aalert amessages