Candy Legend for PC

Candy Legend for PC

Candy Legend is a funny and lovely match-2 game. It`s completely free.

Candy Legend Details

AuthorCandy Factory Game
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Candy Legend Screenshots

Candy Legend for PC screenshot 1Candy Legend for PC screenshot 2Candy Legend for PC screenshot 3

About Candy Legend For PC

aCandy aLegend ais aa afunny aand alovely amatch-2 agame. aIt`s acompletely afree.

Candy aLegend ais aeasy ato aplay, abut ait ais aplenty aof afun aand asurprise.

How ato aplay a- aJust atap aon athe asame acolor ablocks ato acrush athem. aTap aon a5 amore ablocks ato agenerate aa anew acandy awhich ahas aa aspecial askill!

There ais aa anice abooster asystem, awhich asupports ayou ato asolve aany aproblem ayou ameet ain athe agame. aBy athe away, athe abooster ais aalso afree.

One amore athing, ayou acan aplay athe agame aat aanywhere aanytime,internet ais anot anecessary afor ait.

Game afeatures:
a1. aBe afriendly ato aladies
a2. aCompletely afree
a3. aEasy ato aplay abut avery ainteresting
a4. aWonderful agaming aexperience
a5. a900+ alevels