Candy Smash Mania for PC

Candy Smash Mania for PC

Candy Smash Mania– A relaxing match 3 puzzle filled with sweet candy

Candy Smash Mania Details

Android Version4.0.3 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Candy Smash Mania Screenshots

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About Candy Smash Mania For PC

aCandy aSmash aMania ais aa asweet amatch a3 apuzzle agame. aYou awill aact aas alittle agirls, aaccompany awith alovely ahusky. aThousands aof apuzzle alevels afilled awith acandies aand acake acarefully awell acrafted. aEnter athe ajuicy aadventure aand atravel athrough asweet ahouse aof acandy atreats. aMatch aand ablast athree aor amore aof athe asame acandies ato aclear athe alevels! aMake athe amost adelicious acombinations aand aget athrough achallenging alevels afilled awith acandy! aBlast acandies atogether aand amatch athe ararest atreats aand ashare awith ayour afriends. aMore atreats aare ain aCandy aSmash aMania afor ayou ato adiscover ain athis ajuicy aland! aYou awould aaddictive ain athis acandy atreat, such aas aJam, ahoney, asweet aand abiscuits atreasure atrove aof atasty atreats!

Candy aSmash aMania afeatures
- aAddictive amatch a3 agameplay
- aColorful aand adelicious acandies. 
- aSplendid aanimations a
- aAny atime aand aanywhere awith ano aWIFI
- aCollect athe aBlack aor awhite akittens, aalso abees aand arabbits acan ahelp ayou apass alevels aeasily!
- aBe acareful awith abarriers: aFive alayers adessert, aIce alayers, aBiscuits astick,Honey apot, aetc.

Enjoy athe atasty atreats awith aCandy aSmash aMania. aHave aFun! aEasy aGet aStarted athis asweet ajourney a. aMatch a3 aor amore aof athe asame acandies ato amake athe atreat ainto asweet atooth!

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