Canva: Graphic design & poster, invitation maker for PC

Canva: Graphic design & poster, invitation maker for PC

Poster, banner, invitation, logo and card maker. 60,000+ FREE design templates.

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CategoryArt & Design
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Canva: Graphic design & poster, invitation maker For PC

aCanva amakes adesign aamazingly asimple a🙌 a(and afun)!. aCreate abeautiful adesigns afor awork, aschool aand aplay ain aminutes awith aCanva a– ano adesign askills aor acomplex asoftware aneeded.

Whether ayou aneed aan aInstagram astory aor apost, aFacebook aheader, alogo amaker, aphoto acollage, awedding ainvitation amaker, acard amaker, aposter amaker, abanner amaker aor aemail aheader acreator a— aCanva ais aan aall-in-one agraphic adesign aapp athat aallows ayou ato aproduce aeye-catching agraphics aon athe ago. aCanva ais aavailable aon ayour aAndroid adevice aand acomputer aso ayou acan amake, aedit aand ashare ayour adesigns aanywhere, aanytime.

Social amedia aimages athat amake ayour abrand aand ayour alife alook agreat!
- aCreate aFacebook aposts aand acovers
- aCreate aInstagram aposts
- aDesign aan aInstagram ahighlight acover
- aCreate aan aInstagram aStory, aWhatsApp aStatus aor aFacebook aStory
- aTwitter aposts aand aheaders
- aSnapchat ageofilters
- aEtsy abanner amaker
- aYouTube abanners aand athumbnails

And adesigns afor aevery apart aof ayour alife
- aInvitation amaker
- aCard amaker
- aPoster amaker
- aCreate aa alogo
- aFlyer amaker
- aLabel aor aname atag amaker
- aCreate ablog abanners
- aCreate aemail aheaders
- aPhoto acollage amaker
- aEvites
- aInfographic acreator

💪 aGet athe amost aof aout aof aCanva

Select aa atemplate a— awe’ve agot aover a60,000!
There’s ano aneed ato astart afrom ascratch aor aa ablank aCanvas a(but ayou acan ado athat atoo). aWe’ve agot athousands aof afree aready-made atemplates aand aphoto agrids acreated aby aprofessional adesigners ato aget ayou astarted aon ayour ainvitation amaker, alogo amaker, acard amaker, aposter amaker, asocial amedia aimages, aphoto acollage, apicture amaker, aflyer adesign aand amore.

For aan ainvitation acreator, asearch afor a“wedding ainvitation”, a“birthday ainvitation” aor a“floral ainvitation” ain athe aapp ato aget astarted aand acreate ainvitations. aChoose aa atemplate aand abrowse aour awide arange aof aimages, aor astick awith athe aclassic atext ainvitations astyle. aOr, afor aa aposter acreator, asearch afor a“music aposter” aor a“holiday aposter”.

Whether ait’s aan a“evite”, a“birthday acard”, a“cafe alogo” aor a“Christmas acard” a— aOnce ayou ahave ayour atemplate, apersonalize ait aby aadding ayour aown aimages, atext, afonts aand acolors aand athen ashare ait!

Add atext ato ayour aphotos
Make athe adesign ayour aown aby aadding atext aor acaptions ato ayour aimages. aChoose afrom aover a100 afonts ato asuit ayour astyle. aAdjust athe afont asize, acolor, aposition aand arotation aof ayour awords ato aget ayour adesign apicture aperfect.

+1 amillion astock aphotos
Choose afrom aour alibrary aof amore athan a1 amillion aimages aand adesign awith ahundreds aof afree aelements aand afonts. aUpload aimages astraight afrom ayour adevice agallery ato ayour adesigns aor atake aphotos aon athe ago ain athe aapp.

Photo aediting a
Take aphotos ato athe anext alevel awith aCanva’s asimple aphoto aeditor. aEdit ayour aphotos ausing aready-to-go afilters aor aadjust abrightness, acontrast aand amore awith aour aphoto aediting atools. aEasily adesign asocial amedia aposts athat apop awith aconsistent alook aand afeel ain ayour amarketing amaterials aby ausing athe asame afilters afor ayour abrand aimages.

Share a& aPublish
Share ayour astudio adesign adirectly ato ayour asocial amedia aaccounts aincluding aInstagram aStory, aInstagram aPost, aFacebook aStory aand aFacebook aPost, aTwitter, aand aPinterest. aOr, asave ayour adesign ato ayour adevice aand ashare avia aemail, atext, aWhatsApp aand amore.

Everyone aneeds asome aCanva ain atheir alife!
Canva ais athe aperfect adesign aapp, aserving aas aan ainvitation acreator, aposter acreator, alogo adesigner, abusiness acard amaker, aand ablog adesign aapp afor asmall abusinesses, amusicians, ateachers, astudents, asocial amedia amanagers, areal aestate aagents, amoms aand adads a– ait’s aeasy ato amake agreat-looking aposters, ainvitations, alogo amaker, aposters aand aedit aphotos.

READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: aAdd aan aimage afrom ayour adevice aphoto agallery ainto aa atemplate awith aone atap.

CAMERA/WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: aTake aa aphoto awithin athe aapp ato ause ain aa adesign aand astore ait ain ayour agallery. aOnce ayou asave ayour afinalized adesign, athe aimage awill abe asaved ain ayour agallery. a

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