PicCollage - #1 Photo Collage Editor & Card Maker for PC

PicCollage - #1 Photo Collage Editor & Card Maker for PC

Free photo editor with free stickers, grids, fonts & cards for the new year!

PicCollage - #1 Photo Collage Editor & Card Maker Details

AuthorCardinal Blue Software, Inc.
Android VersionVaries with device
Content RatingEveryone

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About PicCollage - #1 Photo Collage Editor & Card Maker For PC

aDownload athe abest aphoto aeditor aapp afor aediting aphotos, amaking afree agreeting acards, acrafting aphoto acollages, aand acreating astories athis aHoliday aSeason! aChoose afrom ahundreds aof aphoto agrid alayouts aand asizes, aexclusive aholiday aand anew ayear astickers, afestive abackground apatterns aand atextures, aand adraw aon ayour acollages! a

Join aover a70 aMILLION apeople awho ause aPicCollage aas atheir a#1 acollage amaker aand aphoto aediting aapp!

"Whether ayou're a6 aor a106, ayou'll afind athe afree aPic aCollage aapp aan aexcellent away ato adress aup ayour aphoto acollection aand ashare ayour ahandiwork." a-USA aToday

"You acan aimpress ayour amother, abrag ato ayour aco-workers, aand amake ayour avacation alook aeven abetter athan ait areally awas, aall abefore ayou apack ayour asuitcase ato areturn ahome a... aIt acould abe athe afastest away ayou'll aever afind ato aorganize aa abatch aof aphotos a... aAlso amakes agorgeous aemails aand acan aturn ayour aimage ainto aa areal apostcard." a- aLA aTimes

🌟 aAwesome aFeatures a🌟
🎁 aInstant agrid alayouts afor aphotos afrom ayour agallery aor aFacebook.
🎁 aHundreds aof alayouts, atemplates, aand aholiday acards ato achoose afrom.
🎁 aThousands aof aexclusive astickers aand abackgrounds ato abeautify ayour aphotos aand adecorate ayour aInstagram aand aSnapchat astories.
🎁 aDIY aNew aYear, aWinter, aand aHoliday agreeting acard atemplates ato asend agreetings ato afriends aand afamily.
🎁 aGo afreestyle aand amake aa ascrapbook aof aspecial amoments.
🎁 aDraw aand awrite aa aNew aYear agreeting aon ayour aphotos aand apictures ain ayour aown aunique ahandwriting!
🎁Cut aout ayour aphotos aby atracing ashapes awith ayour afinger
🎁 aShare ayour aNew aYear aphotos aas astories ato aFacebook, aInstagram, aand aSnapchat.
🎁 aPrint ayour aphotos aon aa acustom aphone acase aor aturn athem ainto aa areal aholiday agreeting acard!

⏰ aRecent aUpdates a⏰
πŸŽ„ aNew astart apage aand ashare amenu awhere ayou acan apreview ayour acollage.
πŸŽ„ aA amore auser afriendly aFast aMode awith abetter acollage aoutputs.
πŸŽ„ aApp asoftware ais aupdated ato asupport aAndroid aO.
πŸŽ„ aNew asticker aand abackground apacks afor aWinter, aChristmas aand aNew aYear.
πŸŽ„ aMore agrid alayouts.
πŸŽ„ aDraw aon ayour acollages awith aour aDoodle afeature!
πŸŽ„ aCreate acustom alayouts aby asimply adragging agrid aborders.
πŸŽ„ aFind athe aHoliday, aChristmas, aor aNew aYear acard aor atemplate ayou awant afaster awith aour anew aCard aselector alayout acategorized aby aoccasion a- aBirthday, aWedding, aThank aYou, aGet aWell aSoon, aCongratulations, aNew aBaby, aJust aBecause. a
πŸŽ„ aInstant aphoto acollages awith amultiple alayout aoptions aby atapping athe aplus abutton.

πŸƒ aEasy aand aFast aπŸƒ
Create aa aphoto acollage ain aseconds awith aour aphoto agrid afeature. aChoose afrom aa awide avariety aof agrid alayouts aand apre-designed aHoliday, aChristmas, aand aNew aYear acards aor ause afreestyle amode ato acreate aa aphoto acollage ain ayour aown, aunique astyle! aResize aand afilter ayour aphoto acollage aand ashare ait ato aInstagram, aTwitter, aFacebook, aSnapchat aand aprint ait aout aon aa acustom aphone acase aor agreeting acard!

πŸ’– aStickers afor aEvery aOccasion aπŸ’–
Edit ayour aphotos awith athousands aof afun aand afestive aHoliday astickers! aEnjoy aexclusive astickers afrom ahuge abrands!

🎨 aUnleash aYour aCreativity a🎨
Customize athe aphoto aborder, abackground, aphoto agrid, afilters aand amore awith aPicCollage! aUse aweb aimage asearch ato afind athe aperfect aphotos ato aadd ato ayour acollage. aNot afeeling acreative? aNo aworries, awe agot ayou acovered. aJust achoose athe aphotos ayou awant ato ause, aand awe awill asuggest adifferent alayouts aand agrids afor ayou!

πŸ’Œ aGifting aMade aEasy awith aCards aπŸ’Œ a
Choose afrom ahundreds aof aFREE apre-designed acards aand atemplates acreated afor aevery aoccasion asuch aas aChristmas, awinter, aNew aYear, abirthdays, aholidays, aweddings, aanniversaries, aand anewborn ababies! aWant asomething amore athan aa acard? aPrint ayour acollages aout aon ahigh-quality aphone acases adirectly afrom aour aapp!

We’re aso ahappy ayou achose aus aas ayour aphoto aeditor aand aphoto acollage amaker, aand awe aare aexcited ato asee awhat ayou amake!