Cube Call Recorder ACR for PC

Cube Call Recorder ACR for PC

Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Hangouts, Facebook, IMO, KAKAO and phone call recording

Cube Call Recorder ACR Details

AuthorCatalina Group
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Cube Call Recorder ACR For PC

aCube aCall aRecorder alets ayou aeasily arecord ayour aincoming aand aoutgoing aphone acalls aand aVoIP aconversations.

The abest apart? aIt's aFREE!

►Cube aCall aRecorder asupports:
- aPhone acalls
- aSkype a7, aSkype aLite
- aViber
- aWhatsApp
- aHangouts
- aFacebook
- aIMO
- aSlack
- aTelegram
- amore acoming asoon!

- aCurrently, aJio4GVoice ais aNOT asupported.
- aNot aall adevices asupport aVoIP acalls arecording. aBelow ayou acan afind athe alist aof adevices awhere aVoIP acall arecording afeature ais amostly asupported. aPlease, aadd ayour aobservation aand aexperience aas acomments anext ato aa arelevant adevice. a

This aapp auses aAccessibility aservices.

►Crystal aClear aSound aQuality!
Record ayour acalls aand aconversations ain athe abest apossible aquality.

►Easy ato aUse!
- aAutomatically arecord aevery acall. aRecord aeach aconversation athe amoment ait astarts;
- aAutomatically arecord aselected acontacts. aCreate aa alist aof apeople ayou awant ato aalways arecord;
- aExclusion alist. aCreate aa alist aof acontact awho awon't abe arecorded aautomatically;
- aManual arecording. aTap athe arecord abutton amid-call ato arecord aonly athe aselected aconversations aor aparts aof athem;
- aIn-App aplayback. aCube aACR ahas aa abuilt-in afile aexplorer afor amanaging ayour arecordings, aplaying athem, adeleting aon athe afly aor aexporting ato aother aservices aor adevices;
- aSmart aspeaker aswitching. aBring athe aphone ato ayour aear aon aplayback ato aswitch afrom aloudspeaker ato aearspeaker ato aprivately alisten ato ayour arecordings.
- aStarred arecordings. aMark aimportant acalls aand afilter athem afor aquick aaccess;
- aCall aback aand aopen acontacts aright afrom athe aapp.

Premium afeatures:
★ aCloud abackup. aSave ayour acall arecording ato aGoogle aDrive aand arestore athem aif asomething agoes awrong.
★ aPin alock. aProtect ayour arecording afrom aprying aeyes aand aears.
★ aMore aaudio aformats. aRecord acalls ain aMP4 aformat aand achange atheir aquality.
★ aSave ato aSD acard. aMove ayour arecordings ato aan aSD acard aand ause ait aa adefault asave alocation.
★ aShake-to-mark. aShake ayour aphone awhile arecording ayour acalls ato amark athe aimportant aparts aof aa aconversation.
★ aSmart astorage amanagement. aAutomatically adelete aovertime aold aunimportant a(non-starred) acalls aand aignore arecording ashort acalls.
★ aStealth amode. aRemove aCube afrom athe aapp adrawer, anotifications abar aand ahide athe arecording awidget.
★ aPost-call aactions. aImmediately aplay, ashare aor adelete aa arecording aonce ayou astop aa aconversation.

►Works aon atablets
Even aif ayour adevice adoesn't asupport acellular acalls, ayou acan ause aCube aCall aRecorder ato arecord aSkype, aViber, aWhatsApp aand aother aVoIP aconversations.

If ait adoesn't awork aon ayour adevice aor ayou ahear aonly ayourself aon aplayback, atry achanging athe arecording asource ain athe aSettings, aor ause aauto-on aspeaker amode.

※Legal anotice
The alegislation aregarding aphone acall arecording avaries ain adifferent acountries aand astates. aPlease, amake asure athat ayou're anot abreaking athe alegislation aof ayour aor ayour acallee/caller acountry. aAlways anotify athe acallee/caller athat ayour aconversation awill abe arecorded aand aask afor atheir apermission.

※Contact aus
If ayou ahave aany aquestions aor aissues, aplease, asend aus aa amessage aat a[email protected]