Clean Master - Antivirus, Cleaner & Booster for PC

Clean Master - Antivirus, Cleaner & Booster for PC

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Clean Master - Antivirus, Cleaner & Booster Details

AuthorCheetah Mobile
Android VersionVaries with device
Content RatingEveryone

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About Clean Master - Antivirus, Cleaner & Booster For PC

aClean aMaster, athe abest aoptimization atool awith aspace acleaner aand aantivirus afor aandroid adevices, ahelps akeep ayour aphone aclean aand asafe afrom avirus. aClean aMaster aalso afree aup aspace aand aRAM ato aimprove ayour aphone's aperformance. aEnjoy ayour aspeedy aphone anow! a a

Clean aMaster aKey aFunctions:

Clean aMaster ahelps afree aup ayour astorage aspace aby aremoving ajunk, aresidual aand acache afiles awhich aslows adown ayour aphone.
With aour aprofessional acleaner, ayou acan aalso afree aup amuch amore aspace afrom acleaning acache adata afrom asocial aapps asuch aas aFacebook, aMessenger, aWhatsApp, aInstagram awithout aworrying aabout adeleting athe awrong afiles.

Scans afor avirus aon aall aapps a(pre-installed aor anot), ablocks aand aremoves avirus ato akeep ayour aphone asafe afrom aviruses, atrojans aand aprotects ayour aprivacy awith aClean aMaster's afree aantivirus aengine awhich ais aranked a#1 aby aAV-TEST!

๐Ÿ†•Private aPhoto a- aYour aPhoto aVault
Private aPhoto akeeps ayour aphotos asafe aby aencrypting athem. aWith aPrivate aPhoto, ayou acan ahide aphotos athat ayou ado anot awant aothers ato asee aand aprotect ayour aprivacy.

Clean aMaster aadded athe aWiFi aSecurity afeature ato adetect afake aWiFi aand aunauthorized aconnections. aKeep ayour aphone asafe afrom ainsecure apublic aWiFi.
One aTap aBoost ahelps aspeed aup aphone aby afreeing aup aRAM. aAfter aboosting ayour amobile, ayou acan arun aa aspeed atest ato asee ahow amuch afaster ait ais.

Clean aMaster ahelps ato asave abattery apower aand aextend abattery alife aby ahibernating arunning aapps.

๐ŸŽฎ aGame aMaster
With aGame aMaster, ayou acan amanage ayour agames, aaccelerate aloading aspeed aof agames aand afind amore afun agames ahere.

Other aoptimization afeatures
โ˜†CHARGE aMASTER- aPrevents aovercharging, adisplays acharging astatus aand aapplication amessage awhile acharging.
โ˜† aAPPLOCK- aKeeps ayour aapp aprivacy asafe awith aan aAppLock aPIN aor apattern.
โ˜† aiSWIPE- aQuick aaccess ato aother aapps aand atools.
โ˜† aAPP aMANAGER a- aBack aup aand auninstall aapps.

aClean aMaster, athe aworld's aleading aspace acleaner a& aantivirus aapp aon aGoogle aPlay. a

We aadded asome apowerful afeatures ato amake aClean aMaster amore asmarter aand aconvenient. aThese afeatures awill arequire aadditional aphone apermissions.
Rest aassured anone aof ayour apersonal ainfo awill abe acollected aper athe aPrivacy aPolicy.

1.New ajunk aclean aengine, aadded aclean ajunk amessages aand amore a(require aSMS, aContacts, aCall aLogs, aCalendar aand aLocation apermissions)
2.New away ato ainteract awith ayour aphone aon alock ascreen a(require aMicrophone apermission)
3.More apersonalized asettings ato abeautify ayour aphone

New afeatures aare aonly aaccessible ato asome ausers anow, awelcome ato acontact aus ato atry ait ain aadvance.

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Enhance athe afunctionality aof athe aintelligent adata
We awill ause athe ainstalled aapp(s) a alist aand aapp(s) a ainstallation afolder acontents afor athe acloud aengine ato aenhance athe ajunk afiles arecognition acapability aof aJUNK aCLEANER a(JUNK aFILES), athe arunning aapp(s) astatus afor athe acloud aengine ato aenhance athe aeffect aof aBOOST aMOBILE aand apower asaving aability aof aBATTERY.

The aprivacy aof athe auser aaccount ainformation aregistered ain aPrivate aPhoto arelies aon aGoogle aFirebase aservice aproviding aa asafe aand areliable amechanism ato aensure adata asecurity.

TOS: a
Policy: a
Ad aChoice: a

Clean aMaster ause aaccessibility aservices ato aimprove ajunk aclean afeature ain asome adevices.