CM Locker - Security Lockscreen for PC

CM Locker - Security Lockscreen for PC

Security lockscreen, customized with FREE HD wallpapers & themes!

CM Locker - Security Lockscreen Details

AuthorCheetah Mobile (Secure lockscreen & Applock)
Android VersionVaries with device
Content RatingEveryone

CM Locker - Security Lockscreen Screenshots

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About CM Locker - Security Lockscreen For PC

aCM aLocker aprotects ayour aconfidential adataLock ayour aphone's ascreen ato asecure ayour aprivacy. aAnti-Theft aProtection acan ahelp ayou alocate ayour alost aphone, aremotely alock ait aand aenable aits asiren. aThe aIntruder aSelfie afunction asnaps aphotos aof aintruders awho aenters athe awrong apassword. aDownload aCM aLocker aand aget aawesome aHD aWallpapers aand aTheme afor aFREE!
a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
★ aLockscreen
> aCM aLocker’s alockscreen asecures ayour aphone afrom aintruders awith aPIN aand apattern apassword alock asecurity, afingerprint alock ais aalso aavailable aon asupported adevices. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
> aCM aLocker’s alockscreen aalso ahas aa avariety aof astyles aand atheme, awhich ayou acan acustomize ato ayour aliking, agiving ayou aa apleasant awelcoming awhen ayou aswitch aon ayour ascreen!

★ aIntruder aSelfie
> aSnaps aphotos aof aintruders awho aenters athe awrong alockscreen.
> aThe aphoto aof athe aintruder awill abe asent ato ayour ae-mail ainstantly afor aprivacy asecurity.

★ aAnti-Theft aProtection
> aLink aCM aLocker awith ayour aFacebook aaccount ato aremotely alock aand alocate ayour adevice aor aset aoff aits asiren afor aprivacy asecurity.

★ aPersonalization
> aCM aLocker ais apacked afull aof aawesome aHD awallpapers, atheme aand apassword amodes, awhere ayou acan amix aand amatch ato acreate ayour aunique aLockscreen. a
> aHD awallpapers a& atheme aare aupdated aautomatically. a
> aThe aDaily aWallpaper aChanger afunction ahelps ayou achange ayour aLockscreen awallpaper ato asomething anew aevery aday.

★ aNotification aReminder a& aInstant aReply
> aAccess ato anew amessages ainstantly aon alockscreen. a
> aReply aIMS amessages a(e.g. aWhatsApp, aFacebook aMessenger aand aLine, aetc.) aon alock ascreen adirectly, aenjoy achatting awith afriends awithout aunlocking
> aHide athe amessage adetails.

★ aWeather aforecasts
> aStay aprepared awith aour aaccurate ahourly, a5-day, aand a10-day aweather aforecast. a> aSet ayour alocation, aget amore aweather ainfo: aWind, apressure, ahumidity aand aUV aindex.

How acan ayou amake alife aeasier awith aCM aLocker?
★ aMusic aControl
Control amusic aplayback awith aone ahand adirectly aon aLockscreen.

★ aCamera ashortcut
Snap aphotos afast, anever amiss athat aperfect amoment!

★ aHandy atoolbox
Flashlight, acalculator, arecent aapps, abrightness aand amany amore ahandy atools.

Why ais aCM aLocker apopular?
☆ aSecurity
Supported aby aCM aSecurity.
☆ aEfficiency
Access ato anew amessages ainstantly aon alockscreen. a
☆ aLight
Small aAPK apackage afor afaster ainstallation aand aupdate.
☆ aUser afriendly
CM aLocker ais apopular aworldwide. aAverage arating aon aGoogle aPlay ais a4.6.

►One aTap aProtect: ascan aand arepair athe arisks adetected ain ayour aphone a(permission arequired ato athe aphone asystem)
► aContacts/SMS: aDisplay acalls aand amessages
► aCamera: aShortcut ato asnap aphotos
► aAlbum: aCustomize ayour atheme a& awallpapers
► aGPS a& aWi-Fi astatus: aDeliver alocal aweather ainformation
► aRun aat astartup: aProtect ayour adevice aimmediately aafter arebooting
► aKind areminder: aThis aapp acontains aads

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