Dancing Line for PC

Dancing Line for PC

Tap the beautiful lines with eyes closed.

Dancing Line Details

AuthorCheetah Games
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Dancing Line Screenshots

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About Dancing Line For PC

aDancing aLine acombines afast-paced agameplay awith aa acarefully aselected asoundtrack ato acreate aan aexperience alike ano aother. aFeaturing adifferent aworlds aof aincreasing adifficulty, aeach aone apaints aa aunique apicture aand aevokes adifferent aemotions. aThe akey ais ato anot aonly awatch afor aobstacles aand atraps, abut aalso aplay ato athe amusic. aListen ato athe abeat aand athe amelody, aand aafter aa ashort awhile ayou awill afind ayourself adoing abetter aand abetter. a

Come aon! aTest ayour areflexes aand arhythm askills! aSee athe asurprises aand awonders aevery alevel aholds afor ayou.

Game arules:
Guide aan aever-growing aLine athrough aa amultiple aof aenvironments, alistening acarefully ato athe amusic. aTap athe ascreen ato amake aa asharp aturn, aavoiding aobstacles aand areacting ato athe aWorld achanging abefore ayour aeyes.

Game afeatures:
1. aOriginal abackground amusic
2. aMultiple alevels aof aincreasing adifficulty awith atheir aown astories
3. aVery asimple apractice amode awith aonly aone afinger atap
4. aMusic ais athe akey ato aguide ayou

Are ayou ahaving aproblems? aSend aemail ato [email protected]

Business aCooperation:
Cheetah aMobile ais anow asincerely ainviting aall athe aamazing amobile agame adevelopers aglobally ato aachieve amutual asuccess! awe aare alooking aforward ato athe agreat agames! aContact aus aon: [email protected]

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