Piano Tiles 2™ for PC

Piano Tiles 2™ for PC

Tap fast and enjoy the music, and challenge your tapping speed!

Piano Tiles 2™ Details

AuthorCheetah Games
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Piano Tiles 2™ Screenshots

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About Piano Tiles 2™ For PC

aTop a3 aof afree amusic agames ain athe aworld!
Loved aby a1.1 abillion aplayers ain athe aworld, acombining arhythm aand amusic, aa achallenging afree amusic amobile agame!

aGame afeature: a
1. aSimple agraphics, aeasy ato aplay aand aeverybody agets aplaying athe apiano! a2. aBreath-taking arhythm awill achallenge ayour ahandspeed alimit! a
3. aTop achallenge amode agives ayou athrill aand arisk! a
4. aUpdate aof anumerous asongs, aoriginal, aclassic, abangs aand aall athe astyle ato asatisfy adifferent ataste.
5. aShare ayour arecord awith ayour afriends, aand acompare awith aworld-wide aplayers aon athe aranking alist! a
6. aSound aof ahigh aquality amakes ayou afeel alike ain aa aconcert. a
7. aSave ayour aprogress avia aFacebook aaccount aand ashare athe aprogress ain adifferent adevices. a
8. aMore achallenge, amore abonus aand aa abetter aself. a

aGaming amode: a
Don't atap athe awhite atiles! aTap athe ablack atiles aaccording ato athe amelody aand adon't amiss aany atile! aConcentrate ayourself aand amaximize ayour areaction! a

aSupport: a
Are ayou ahaving aproblems? aSend aemail ato [email protected] aor acontact aus ain agame aby agoing ato aSettings a> aFAQ aand aSupport.

aBusiness aCooperation: a
Cheetah aMobile ais anow asincerely ainviting aall athe aamazing amobile agame adevelopers aglobally ato aachieve amutual asuccess! awe aare alooking aforward ato athe agreat agames! aContact aus aon: [email protected]

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