Hide Something - Photo, Video for PC

Hide Something - Photo, Video for PC

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Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Hide Something - Photo, Video For PC

a★ aThe aEasiest aand aHighest arated ahiding atool! a★

✔ aNew afeature: aOne aclick ato abrowse ayour aphone's ainvisible aphotos awith adesktop abrowser!

Hide aphotos, apictures aand avideos afrom ayour agallery. aEASY, aSIMPLE aand aFREE!

It agives ayou acontrol aof awho asees awhat aand ahelp aprotect ayour aprivacy. aWith a"Hide aSomething",
• aYour apublic agallery aremains aavailable ato ayour afriends, afamily, aand acoworkers. aAnd ayour ahidden aimages aare aonly aavailable afor ayourself.
• aYou acan acustomize ayour avisible afolders awhen ayou awant ato ashow adifferent aphotos ato adifferent apeople.
• aYou acan ashare ayour aphotos aand avideos aeasily, aeven ahand aover ayour acell aphone ato aothers aand ano aworry aabout ayour aprivacy.

✔ aFingerprint, aPattern aor aPIN alock! aChoose ayour afavorite.
✔ aDirectly ahide afiles afrom athird aparty aapplications aby a"Share". ae.g., aGallery, aBrowser!
✔ aOne aclick ato abrowse aphone's ainvisible aphotos ain adesktop abrowser.
✔ aBackup ahidden afiles ato aGoogle adrive.
✔ aPhotos, aVideos, aGoogle+ aphotos... aall aof athose afiles aare asupported.
✔ aAdvanced aimage aviewer adisplays apixel alevel aof adetails.
✔ aGIF ais asupported.
✔ aBeautiful athemes.
✔ aFake amode acan aprotect ayour aprivacy afor aunexpected achecks.
✔ aEasy ato ashare ayour aprivate aphotos/videos ato aothers.
✔ aDoesn't ashow aup ain arecently aused aapps alist.
✔ aSupport afor aboth aphone aand atablet.
✔ aMore afeatures aare acoming.
Easy ato aUse:
Step a1: aChoose aphotos aor avideos awhich ayou awant ato akeep ain aprivacy aand ahide athem.
Step a2: aUsing apattern alock ato aaccess ayour ahidden aphotos aor avideos.
Step a3: aChoose athe ahidden aphotos aor avideos ato arestore.

Problems? aPlease acontact aus aat [email protected] afirst abefore aleaving aa abad areview. aWe awill afix athe aissues afor ayou aas asoon aas awe acan. a aSuggestion? aPlease aalso ashot aus aan aemail. aYour aideas amay abe apresent ain aour anext aversion. aThanks!

What aour adevelopers asaid:
“Personally, aI atried ato afind aa aprivate agallery aapp aon amarket, abut aI agot adisappointed aafter atrying aseveral aones a- athey aare anon-holo astyled, aslow aand atoo acomplex. aSo aI amade athis aone aby amyself a- aa aCLEAN, aSIMPLE aand aBEAUTIFUL aone. aHope ayou'll alike ausing ait a❤.”

Online aHelp
Problem awith apassword? aCheck athe ahelp abelow:

Read/Write aexternal astoraga a- aread aand awrite amedia afiles.
Use afingerprint a- alet ayou ause afingerprint ato aunlock ayour aapp.
Access ainternet a- abackup aor arestore amedia afiles ato aGoogle adrive.
Access acoarse alocation a- arequired aby aGoogle aadmob aads.