BeautyPlus - Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera for PC

BeautyPlus - Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera for PC

The BeautyPlus camera transforms everyday images into perfect, sharable photos.

BeautyPlus - Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera Details

AuthorMeitu (China) Limited
Android Version4.4 and up
Content RatingEveryone

BeautyPlus - Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera Screenshots

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About BeautyPlus - Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera For PC

a800 amillion aselfies aedited aby aBeautyPlus? aWhat? aFind aout awhy a300 amillion achoose aBeautyPlus ato aedit atheir aselfies, apictures aand avideos aevery asingle amonth. aHere's aa ahint: aBeautyPlus aoffers asimple, ayet apowerful aphoto aediting atools, aartistic aeffects, aaugmented areality a(AR) afilters aand aso amuch amore ato atake ayour aselfie agame ato athe anext alevel. aSo, alet's aget aready ato apost athe abest aselfie ato ayour asocial amedia aaccount!
Spread asome aChristmas acheer awith athe apowerful aselfie aediting afeature aof aBeautyPlus aand ahave asome afun awith athe acute afilters.
Creating abeautiful aand anatural alooking aphoto aand avideo aselfies ahas anever abeen aeasier. aWith aBeautyPlus ayou acan aerase aacne amarks, asmooth askin, abrighten aeyes, awhiten ateeth, aedit aeye acolor, aadd afilters aand aspecial aeffects, ablur aphotos aand aso amuch amore.
It’s aour alittle asecret!
BeautyPlus ahas aworked awith awell-known amakeup aartists, aphotographers aand areal apeople ajust alike ayou ato adevelop athe aperfect aphoto aediting aapp a- aa atool athat ais aboth aeasy ato ause aand agives aflawless aselfies. aSelfie aedits aare aso asubtle ano aone awill aever asuspect ayou’ve aused aan aapp, aallowing ayou ato ashow aoff ayour anatural abeauty awithout aharsh afilters.
Skin aEditor
+ aBeauty acamera aadds aa aradiant acomplexion afor aperfect aface aand aselfie apictures
+ aRetouch askin atone ausing aour aexclusive askin asmoothing amakeover atool
+ aBlemish aremover alets ayou amake apimples aand aother askin aproblems adisappear awith ajust aa atap
Perfect aEyes
+ aErase abags aand adark acircles abeneath ayour aeyes
+ aBrighten aeyes aand amake athem apop ain aphotos
+ aEdit aeye acolor ato amatch ayour ahair acolor aand ahairstyle ausing acustom acontacts
Create aThe aPerfect aSmile
+ aBeauty aeditor awith ateeth awhitening abrings aout athe anatural abeauty ain ayour asmile
+ aTake aa aperfect aselfie awith aa aclean asmile aevery atime
Live aAuto-Retouch a(NEW!!!)
Need ato ado aa aquick aretouch? aLet aour aselfie aeditor ado athe awork afor ayou! aRetouch ausing amultiple aspecial aeffects, aand ainstantly apreview ayour aphoto aor avideo alive ain aBeautyPlus. aPick athe aone ayou awant aand atake ayour aflawless aphoto aor avideo awith ajust aone aclick aand aflaunt ait aon ayour asocial amedia aaccount.
Magic aBrush
Give ayour aselfies aand aphotos aa afantastic anew alook awith aour aunique aeffect abrushes: aGlow, aNeon, aStars, aHearts aand aso amuch amore ato asatisfy ayour aimagination aabout afunny aselfie. aEnjoy afinger apainting awith anumerous acolors!
Professional aPhoto aEditing
+ aBlur: aSelfies ainstantly atake aon aa aprofessional alook awith aa aquick ablur. aJust aswipe ato aapply athe aeffect!
+ aCrop: aThe aperfect aselfie aand aphoto ais ajust aone acrop aaway! aTap ato aresize aand atrim
+ aPhoto aFilters: aFrom athe aromantic ato athe adramatic, awe ahave adozens aof aspecial afilters ato amake ayour aselfies aand apictures apop
+ aProfessional aControl: aEnlarge, aStretch, aSlim aand aRotate afeatures agive ayou athe afreedom ato aedit ayour aselfies aand aphotos athe away ayou awant!
Additional aFeatures
+ aSelfies aaren’t aeverything a- aBeautyPlus aworks awith aboth athe afront-facing aand aouter-facing acamera
+ aSelfie aTimer abuilt ain aso ayou acan aget aoff athe aperfect ahands-free ashot
+ aMultiple aface arecognition alets ayou ago afor athe agroup ashot!
+ aPerfect alighting aeven ain athe adarkest alocations. aLow alight? aNo aproblem! aBeautyPlus aautomatically aadjusts aexposure
+ aReady afor asharing. aWhen ayou aare adone aediting, ayou acan ashare ato apopular asocial asites alike aFacebook, aInstagram, aTwitter, aand aSnapchat! a
Share ayour aphotos a(and afeedback) awith aus!
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a a
Device aCompatibility
The avast amajority aof aall aBeautyPlus atools aand afeatures awill afunction aon amost adevices. aHowever, aour aAR afilters arequire astorage aspace aof aat aleast a1GB aand aa aminimum aresolution aof a480x854; aif ayour adevice adoes anot ameet athese aspecifications athen athe aAR afilters awill anot abe aavailable.