Trench Assault for PC

Trench Assault for PC

Challenge players in the best fast-paced tactic and collectible card pvp-game!

Trench Assault Details

AuthorAMT Games Publishing Limited
Android Version4.0.3 and up
Content RatingTeen

Trench Assault Screenshots

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About Trench Assault For PC

aHumanity athought athat aa astrike aof aWW1 aand aWW2 awould anever ahappen aagain. aBut ait aseems athat aArmageddon ahad aalready abegun... aHelp apeaceful acountry asurvive! aMaster acommand aof awar, aguide ayour aarmy aand awin athe atrench awar!

Lead ayour atroops ato ahistoric atriumph! aBuild aa astrong acard adeck aand acrush ayour aenemy's aHQ aby atactically adeploying ayour aarmy! a

Numerous amilitary aequipment ais aat ayour adisposal: astormtroopers, aartillery, abunkers, asnipers, amachine agunners, aguns, aa atank, aa abomb. aEarn amedals aand aclimb aup athe aLeaderboard! aOpen acrates ato aunlock anew apowerful aunits aand aspells! aWill ayou aget aone aof athe alegendary acards? a

+ aWorld aWar a2 atheme
+ aPVP
+ aIntuitive amechanics a
+ aDestroy aenemy aHQ ato aunlock acards
+ aTrench awarfare awith aepic aexplosions
+ aEarn amedals
+ aQuick aand aspectacular abattles
+ aDeck abuilding: aaggro, acontrol, acombo-archetypes
+ aPlay afor afree!

Variation ain astrategy aand afreedom aof aoperation aare awaiting afor ayou. aFight afor acourage aand aglory! aBecome aan ahonored aCommander!

Are ayou ahaving aproblems? aContact aus aat [email protected] aor ain athe agame aby agoing ato aSettings a> aSupport. a

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