Jungle Marble Blast for PC

Jungle Marble Blast for PC

Jungle Marble Blast is a marble shoot game with the theme of Egyptian mythology.

Jungle Marble Blast Details

Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Jungle Marble Blast Screenshots

Jungle Marble Blast for PC screenshot 1Jungle Marble Blast for PC screenshot 2Jungle Marble Blast for PC screenshot 3

About Jungle Marble Blast For PC

a**********2 a aNew aWorld,New a40 aLevel acome anow a a**********

Jungle aMarble aBlast ais aa amarble ashoot agame awith athe atheme aof aEgyptian amythology. aIt ais aeasy ato aplay, abut atruly aaddictive.
Your agoal ais ato aclear aall athe amarbles abefore athey areach athe aend aof athe apath, aand ameanwhile, aachieve aMarbles aand aCombos aas amany aas apossible ato aget athe ahighest ascore.

Jungle aMarble aBlast aFeatures:
★Cool apowerfull aitems alike abombs、colorball、meteorite arain
★7 ascenes aand a140 adifferent afun alevels,more awill acoming asoon.
★Good aart,good amusic,good aanimation aeffects.

How ato aplay:
1.Tap ascreen awhere ayou awant ato ashoot amarbles.
2.match a3 aor amore asame acolor amarbles ato amake ablast.
3.Swap athe ashooting amarble aby atouching athe amarble aemitter.
4.You acan ause aprops ato amake athe agame aeasy.

Download ait aNow!! a
Enjoy athis aegyptian amythological ajourney!!!