Drag Racing for PC

Drag Racing for PC

Still the best racing game available on Android! Nice cars & a great time killer

Drag Racing Details

AuthorCreative Mobile
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Drag Racing Screenshots

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About Drag Racing For PC

aDrag aRacing ais athe aclassic anitro afuelled aracing agame afor aAndroid! aRace, aTune, aUpgrade aand aCustomize a50+ areal alicensed acars afrom athe aworld’s ahottest acar amanufacturers.

Climb athe aleaderboards aand aimmortalize ayour aname ain athe aHall aof aFame! aChallenge aother aplayers aonline: arace a1 aon a1, adrive ayour aopponent’s acar, aor aparticipate ain areal-time a10-player araces ain aPro aLeague

Do ayou adream aabout aseeing a1000+ aHP aexotics apushed ato athe alimit aon aa adrag astrip? aWould ayou apick aan aiconic aSkyline aGT-R, aa aclassic a69' aMustang, aor aa abrand anew aBMW aM4 aas ayour aultimate adriving amachine? aBuy ayour adream acar, ainstall aperformance aupgrades aand ashow ayour askills ain a1/4 aor a1/2 amile araces

Do ayou athink aracing ain aa astraight aline ais aeasy? aTry ato afind athe aright abalance abetween apower aand agrip awhile astaying ain ayour aclass. aTune ayour acar aand aaccelerate ayour away ato avictory, aAdd anitrous aoxide afor amore afun, abut adon't ahit athe abutton atoo aearly! aGo adeeper aand aadjust agear aratios ato ashave aoff aprecious amilliseconds athrough a10 alevels aof acars aand arace acategories. a

Racing aon ayour aown amay abe afun aenough, abut athe aultimate achallenge ais ain athe a"Online" asection. aGo ahead-to-head aagainst ayour afriends aor arandom aracers, abeat athem awhile adriving atheir aown acars, aor arace aagainst a9 aplayers aat aonce ain areal-time acompetitions. aJoin aa ateam ato aexchange atunes, adiscuss astrategy aand ashare ayour aachievements.

It's aall aabout athe aplayers! aConnect awith aother acar agame afanatics aand aenjoy aDrag aRacing atogether:

Drag aRacing aWebsite: ahttp://dragracing.creative-mobile.com/
Facebook: ahttps://www.facebook.com/DragRacingGame
Twitter: ahttp://twitter.com/DragRacingGame
Instagram: ahttp://instagram.com/dragracinggame

- aIf athe agame adoesn't astart aup, aruns aslowly aor acrashes, aplease aget ain atouch aand awe'll ado aour abest ato ahelp.
If ayou ahave aany aquestions, amake asure ayou acheck aout aour aFAQ aat ahttp://dragracing.creative-mobile.com/faq/
...or ause aone aof athe atwo aways ato acontact aus athrough aour aSupport asystem: ahttps://support.creative-mobile.com/ aor avia ae-mail aat [email protected]