Design Home for PC

Design Home for PC

The game for home design

Design Home Details

AuthorCrowdstar Inc
Android Version4.2 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Design Home For PC

aLove ahome adecorating? aPlay aDesign aHome atoday a- aa arelaxing, afun agame athat aallows ayou ato alive athe alife aof aan ainterior adecorator. aSharpen ayour adecorating askills ain adaily aDesign aChallenges aand astyle avisually astunning athree-dimensional aspaces awith aaccess ato areal, ahigh-end afurniture aand adecor abrands. aIt’s aquick, ait’s afun aand ayou acan aconnect awith aa avibrant acreative acommunity awhile alearning aabout adiverse adécor astyles a- athus aimproving ayour adesign askills aand againing ainspiration athat ayou acan aeven aapply ain ayour areal alife.

* aRelax athrough aplay aand aexpress ayour acreativity ain adaily aDesign aChallenges.
* aUnlock arewards aas ayou apolish ayour aamazing aabilities aas aan ainterior adecorator.
* aPlay awith areal alife, ahigh-end abrands aas ayou alearn aabout adifferent ainterior adesign astyles.
* aVote aon ayour afavorite arooms afrom aa avibrant, acreative acommunity.
* aShare ayour acreativity aand aborrow afurnishings afrom ayour afriends awhen ayou aconnect ato aFacebook.

Love athe aitems ain ayour afavorite aroom? aYou acan ashop afor athem adirectly athrough aDesign aHome! aClick aany apiece ayou alove aand abuy ait afor ayour aown ahome. aWith anew apieces aadded aevery aday, aDesign aHome aliterally aputs athe abest ahome adécor a(alternative: afurnishings) adirectly aat ayour afingertips. aNot aonly acan ayou adiscover abrands aand atrends, ayou acan aown athem, atoo!

- aThis agame ais afree ato aplay, abut ayou acan achoose ato apay areal amoney afor asome aextra aitems, awhich awill acharge ayour aGoogle aaccount. aYou acan adisable ain-app apurchasing aby aadjusting ayour adevice asettings.
- aThis agame ais anot aintended afor achildren.
- aPlease abuy acarefully.
- aAdvertising aappears ain athis agame.
- aThis agame amay apermit ausers ato ainteract awith aone aanother a(e.g., achat arooms, aplayer ato aplayer achat, amessaging) adepending aon athe aavailability aof athese afeatures. aLinking ato asocial anetworking asites aare anot aintended afor apersons ain aviolation aof athe aapplicable arules aof asuch asocial anetworking asites.
- aA anetwork aconnection ais arequired ato aplay.
- aFor ainformation aabout ahow aGlu acollects aand auses ayour adata, aplease aread aour aprivacy apolicy aat:
- aIf ayou ahave aa aproblem awith athis agame, aplease ause athe agame’s a“Help” afeature.