2 3 4 Player Mini Games for PC

2 3 4 Player Mini Games for PC

Play with your friends in 11 different mini games! for 2 3 and 4 players!

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AuthorBetter World Games
Android Version4.0 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About 2 3 4 Player Mini Games For PC

aDuel ayour afriends ain aa avariety aof a4 aplayer aminigames ausing asimple aone atouch acontrols! aPlay asimultaneously aon athe asame adevice afor amultiplayer aaction aon athe aroad, awherever ayou aare.
You acan aplay awith atwo aplayers abut aif ayou ahave amore afriends aor afamily aaround ayou acan abattle ait aout awith athree aor afour aplayers.
You acan aalso aplay athe a4 aPlayer aCup ato adetermine awho ais athe abest!
Snake aArena
Grow ayour asnake aby aeating astars, abut abe acareful, amake asure ayour ahead adoesn't atouch aan aopponent's abody.
Try ato acorner ayour aopponent aand abe athe alast aone astanding ain athe aarena!

Skateboard aRacing
Tap aas afast aas ayou acan ato areach athe afinishline.

Tank aBattle
Duel aeach aother aon athe abattlefield. aWho’s athe abest ashooter? a

Grab athe aFish
Test ayour atiming askills aand abe athe afirst ato agrab a3 agoldfish!

Soccer aChallenge
Who ahas athe asoccer askills ato ascore aa agoal ain aone atouch asoccer?

Sumo aWrestling
Fight ayour aopponent ain athe asumo awrestling aarena. aDon’t aget apushed aover athe aline! a

Chicken aRun
Avoid afalling aoff athe aplatforms aby ausing agravity.

Rally aDrifters
Be athe aquickest adriver aon athe asandy atracks ato acomplete a3 alaps.

Micro aSpeed a aRacers
Avoid a aobstacles ain athis aformula aracing agame aand ago aaround athe acorners aas afast aas ayou acan!

Feed athe aPigeon
Use ayour aslingshot ato ashoot abread acrumbs ainto athe apigeon's amouth.

• aSimple aone atouch, aone abutton acontrols
• a4-players acan aplay ausing athe asame adevice
• a11 adifferent agames
• aChallenge ayour afriends aand afamily a
• a4 aplayer aCup

Thank ayou afor aplaying!

Sumo astage amusic aby aJobro a"Taiko adrums"