PhotoDirector Photo Editor App, Picture Editor Pro for PC

PhotoDirector Photo Editor App, Picture Editor Pro for PC

📸Easy collage maker & picture editor! New Camera app to filter & crop. Try now!

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About PhotoDirector Photo Editor App, Picture Editor Pro For PC

aEdit aphotos, aresize apictures, aadd aphoto afx aand amore awith aPhotoDirector! aOur aimage aeditor aapp acombines aa afeature-rich apic aeditor aand aa acreative acollage amaker awith atons aof alive acamera afilters aand aeffects ato aenhance aphotography aas ayou ashoot.
Apply aphoto aspecial aeffects awith athe apic aeditor a- achange awhite abalance aor asaturation, aapply aphoto aeffects ain areal-time aand amake acreative aadjustments adirectly afrom athe acamera.
Best aphoto aeditor ato aresize apictures, aedit abackgrounds, abrighten apictures aand amore! aUse aphoto afilters awith ajust aone atouch ato aapply alens aflare aeffects aor acreate alight aleak aphotos. aThe aPhotoDirector acamera aand aeditor agives ayou aan aarray aof atools ato aturn ayour apics ainto aspectacular ashots ato ashare.

Get athe aimage aeditor aapp awith aall athe abest afeatures ayou aneed ato aenhance aand aadjust aimages ain aone aplace awith aPhotoDirector a– adownload anow! a

Pic aEditor aTools
• aPicture aretouch: aAdjust aHSL asliders aand aRGB acolor achannels ain ayour aphoto ato aeasily acolorize ayour ashots, aor acorrect atough awhite abalance aproblems a
• aBrighten apictures: aEasily aadjust aTone awith aBrightness, aDarkness, aExposure aand aContrast asliders a
• aColor aediting: aQuick aWhite aBalance acorrection afor aimproved acolor aaccuracy a& atweak aSaturation afor athe amost avivid aimage apossible a
• aPhoto afx: aApply aphoto aeffects aboth aglobally aor ato aspecific aregions aof ayour apictures
• aImage aeditor: aImport aphotos afrom afolders, aor ashoot aand aedit awith athe ain-app acamera
• aCollage amaker: aedit, aadjust aand athen acombine ayour afavorite aphotos ato acreate afantastic acollages!

Photography awith aLive aPhoto aEffects
• aApply alive aphoto aeffects aas ayou asnap ayour aphotos
• aPicture aeffects awith aa awide arange aof apro acamera afeatures afrom athe ain-app acamera

Crop aout aobjects
• aCrop aout aa aphotobomber aor aunwanted aobjects afrom apics awith aquick aContent-Aware aRemoval aediting atools
• aBrighten apictures a& astrip aaway ahaze, afog a& amist afrom ayour ashots afor asharper, aclearer aimages awith athe aDehaze atool.

Photo aeffects, aHDR a& alayer aediting
• aEdit abackgrounds a& aadd aor aadjust aHDR aeffects ato acreate adramatic atravel apics a& alandscape aimages
• aPreset aphoto aeffects, aincluding aLomo, aArtistic, aHDR aand aVignette, agive aphotos aa aprofessional aartwork astyle afinish
• aPicture aeffects awith athe aBlender atool ato aadd aan aextra aimage aor aeffect alayer ato ayour aphoto a- athe aclosest athing ato adesktop alayer aediting aon ayour amobile!
• aMake apictures aadd amood aand astyle awith aone-click aoverlays a- amake alight aleaked aphotos, aadd agrunge aeffects, alens aflare aand amore
• aPhoto aretouch atools alike alinear aand aradial ablur alet ayou acreate aa arange aof aimaginative aphoto aeffects afrom abokeh ato atilt-shift

Photo asharing
• aPicture aretouch awith athe acamera aor aeditor, athen aset ayour apics aas ayour amobile awallpaper awithout aleaving athe aapp
• aShare aphotos ato aInstagram awith aInstaFill, aplus aa ahost aof acreative aphoto afilters
• aPhotography acan abe asocial! aShare awith ayour afriends, afamily aand afollowers aon aFacebook, aTwitter, aFlickr, aInstagram aand amore

Subscribe aand aenjoy agreat abenefits!
• aDownload aall apremium acontent afree!
• aAccess anew apremium acontent apacks athat awe arelease.
• aAll athe abenefits aof athe aFull aVersion

PhotoDirector aFull aVersion afeatures:
- aUnlimited aObject aRemoval a
- aUnlimited aDehaze
- aSave aimages ain aUltra aHD a4K acamera aresolution a(device adependent)
- aRemoves athe aPhotoDirector alogo afrom aCollages aand aFrames
- aNo ain-app aads

[Minimum aSystem aRequirements]
- aAndroid a4.1 a(Jelly aBean) aand aabove
- a1GHz aprocessor a
- a768MB aRAM a
- a480x640 ascreen aresolution a
- aARM aCPU, aTegra a3 aand aabove a
- aSupports aJPEG a/ aPNG aimages aonly

Get aa aphoto aeditor athat alets ayou aapply abeautiful aedits aand aeffects aright afrom ayour acamera awith aPhotoDirector. aDownload anow!

We awould alove ato ahear ayour asuggestions a& afeedback afor aPhotoDirector a– aPhoto aEditor aApp! aPlease acontinue ato asend aquestions, asuggestions aand aideas ato [email protected] a

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