YouCam Makeup - Magic Selfie Makeovers for PC

YouCam Makeup - Magic Selfie Makeovers for PC

🎉Makeup inspiration in AR. Looks for New Year, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa events!

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AuthorPerfect Corp.
Android VersionVaries with device
Content RatingEveryone

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About YouCam Makeup - Magic Selfie Makeovers For PC

a🎁Experience a2018’s aTop aHoliday aBeauty aLooks aVirtually!🎁
❄️Stunning aAR amakeup alooks ato aget ayour amistle-glow aon
🌟Spice aup ayour aselfies athis aseason awith atrendy awinter aaccessories
❄️Find athe aperfect apresent awith agift aguides afrom aour abeauty aeditors
🌟Makeup ainspiration afor aChristmas, aHanukkah, aand aKwanzaa aevents

= aYouCam aMakeup aCore aFeatures a=
❤Live aMakeup aMagic aMirror ato atry aout areal aproducts
❤Makeover alips, aeyes, abrows, ateeth aand amore ainstantly
❤Edit aimages awith afun aeffects, aaccessories, ajewelry aand asunglasses a
❤Skincare aanalysis a& atracking
❤Live areal-time ahair acoloring
❤Beauty acommunity aand asocial asharing

Try aBefore aYou aBuy afrom aTop aBeauty aBrands
★ aExperience aL'Oreal, aMaybelline, aand aRevlon aproducts ain aall athe alatest acolors aand astyles
★ aTry aUrban aDecay, aToo aFaced, aTarte, aStila, aBenefit, aLaura aMercier aand amore awith arealistic aAR aproducts atry aouts a
★ aEditor's apicks aon askincare aproducts afrom aGLAMGLOW, aEstee aLauder, aShiseido, aBare aMinerals aand amore
★ aMore aconvenient a(and amore afun!) athan aa ashopping atrip ato aSephora aor aUlta

Makeovers aThat aCreate aUnique aStyles
😍 a【Eyes】
★ aMake aeye acolor ashine awith asmart atools ato aconceal aunder aeye acircles a& aremove ared aeyes.
★ aMascara atool ainstantly aadds avolume a& alength ato alashes.
★ aChange aeye acolor aand aoverlay amakeup ato astyle ayour alook aup aor adown.

😲 a【Brows】
★Eyebrow aeditor, aeasily afind athe abest aeyebrow astyle afor ayour aface
★Get athe aperfect abrow ajust alike amicroblading! a

💋 a【Lips】
★ aLipstick aand alip agloss! aChoose aclassic amatte acolor aor ahigh ashine acolors. a
★ aLip aEnhancements a& aGleaming aTeeth; aget aa anatural, aconfident asmile aevery atime.
★ aTry aout alip acolors afrom aNYX, aBobbi aBrown, aMaybelline, aLOreal, aEstee aLauder aand aso amany amore

💯 a【Flawless aSkin a& aFace aEditor a】
★Selfie aeditor acomplete awith afoundation, alipstick, acontour, aeye amakeup a& ablush athat ayou acan ashop afor
★Face aeditor aincludes askin asmoother aand askin atoner afor aflawless askin aor aadd afreckles
★Remove adark acircles aand aeye abags, aand aremove ashine afor aa aflawless anatural alook

Top atrending aceleb amakeup alooks
★ aTry amakeovers afrom aKylie aJenner, aChrissy aTeigen, aEmma aStone, aZendaya aand amore aglamorous alooks
★ aRed acarpet amakeup alooks afrom aKaty aPerry, aTaylor aSwift, aRihanna, aJennifer aLopez, aand amany aothers

Special a& astar asign amakeup alooks
★Princess amakeup alooks afeaturing aCinderella, aAriel a(the aLittle aMermaid), aPocahontas, aBelle aand aJasmine
★Special amonthly amakeup alooks acreated afor aall athe ahoroscope astars asigns! a
★Find aone-of-a-kind alooks afor aAquarius, aPisces, aAries, aTaurus, aGemini, aScorpio, aSagittarius, aCapricorn aand aall athe arest

Analyze askin ahealth
★ aKeep ayour askin ahealthy aand aradiant awith aour anew askincare aanalysis aand aSkin aDiary a
★ aAnalyze athe ahealth aof ayour askin ain aseconds awith athe anew askincare aanalysis a. a
★ aWrinkles, aspots, aacne aand adark acircles acan abe aanalyzed ainstantly awith arelative ascores

Change ahair astyle a& acolor
★ aTry aon aa ahairstyle awith asuper-accurate afacial adetection aand arealistic aresults
★ aLive a360 adegree ahair acoloring a- adye aand ayour aown ahair aany away ayou awant awithout athe acommitment!
★ aHairstyle achoices aand ahaircuts arange afrom along ahair, ashort ahairstyles, acurly ahair aor astraight

3D aAccessories a- aAdd aa aTouch aof aStyle
★ aDiscover ahyper arealistic aaccessories awith aall anew a3D amakeovers.
★ aGet aa arealistic anew alook awith a3D aaccessories aincluding ahats, ahairbands aglasses aand amore.
★ aLike aa avirtual ashopping atrip ato aZara, aH&M aor aForever a21!

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