Cymera Camera - Collage, Selfie Camera, Pic Editor for PC

Cymera Camera - Collage, Selfie Camera, Pic Editor for PC

* Free Photo Editor & Beauty Camera. * Christmas Effects & Selfie Camera.

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AuthorSK Communications
Android VersionVaries with device
Content RatingEveryone

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About Cymera Camera - Collage, Selfie Camera, Pic Editor For PC

a🌈Cymera aCamera ais aa afree aselfie acamera aApp afor aall aAndroid ausers.

🌸Cymera aCamera areached a330 amillion adownloads ain a2018. a
🌸Beautify ayour aphotos awith aamazing afilters, asnap asticker, acollage amaker, apro aphoto aeditor astudio, acrop, ainstafit, alayout, ablur, amirror aand amakeup!

🌈Christmas aSelfie aEffect.
🌈New aYear aSelfie aEffect.
🌈New aSelfie aSticker a& a aBeauty aLomo aFilter.
🌈Selfie afilter ato aremove aacnes a& ablemishes.
🌈Old aCamera a& aEmoji aText.

Cymera aCollage aEditor alets ayou acreate acollage aphotos, asnappy astyle astickers, aposters, abackgrounds, atext awith alayout aand aframes.

⭐️Popular a& aNew⭐️

- aReal-time aSelfie aFilters
- aSelfie aStickers
- aSelfie afilter a& abeauty amakeup atools
- aCollage aMaker a& aPosters.
- aLayout.
- aAdd aBeautiful aSmile.
- aSmaller a& aV-shaped aface.
- aBody aand aFace aEditor.
- aVintage, aNatural, aLomo, aFilm, aSketch aand aSelfie aFilter.
- aSkin aCare aFeature
- aText aand aMEME.
- aHairstyle a& aColor.
- aAdjust abrightness, acontrast, acolor atemperature aand asaturation.
- aImport aDirectly aFrom aGoogle aPhotos.

【Main aFeatures】

🌸Beauty aCamera
Professional abeauty atools afor ayour askin amakeup, aslim aor aface areshape, aremove awrinkles, aerase aface apimples aand adark acircles.
Hundreds aof aamazing abeauty afilters aand amakeup aeffects.

🌸Sweet aCamera
Real-time abeauty acamera aselfie aeffects a& amakeup acamera

🎀Amazing aFilters
Perfect ainstant aselfies awith a150 afilters.
Free afilter apackages afor aselfie, anation aflags, aair ashape, avintage-feel, apastel acolors, afilm-effect, ablack a& awhite.
Lens aflare aeffects aor alight alaked aeffects.
Create ayour aown acollection aof afavorite afilters.

😘Camera aLenses aand aSilent aMode
7 adifferent aand afascinating acamera alenses. a📷
(Divided alenses/FishEye/Lomo aand amore)
Anti-shake, atimer, atouch ashooting, aout-focusing aoptions.
Silent amode ato ashoot awherever ayou awant awithout adisturbing aothers.
Bluetooth aconnection ais aavailable afor aselfie asticks awith aremote.

💎Simple aand aEasy afor aCollage a
Choose aphotos afrom ayour agallery aand ainstantly asee athem alaid aout ain aa acool acollage. aYou acan arotate, aresize aphotos awith asimple atouch agestures. aEasy ato achange aspacing, amargin, acorners aof aphotos aand aborder acolors, abackground, apatterns aof ala ayouts.
Different atypes aof agrid ato acombine aphotos a(up ato a9 aphotos) ainto aone.
Change athe asize aof athe aphoto agrid. a100% amatch aon aInstagram, aFacebook, aTwitter, aetc. a

🎉Retouch aor aAdjust aPhotos aInstantly
Automatic aface arecognition aincluding aenlarge aeyes, asmile aand aslim afeature. a
Edit awith aLiquify, askin acorrections a(brightening, awhitening, aconcealers)
200 akinds aof anatural ahair aand aface amakeup aitems.
No aCrop afeature. a

💄Body aRetouch aPhoto aEditor
✦ aInstantly ataller, alengthen ayour alegs, areshape ayour abody.
Stunning afeature ato aSlim ayour awaist.
The abest aphoto aeditor ato alift ayour ahip.
No amore abow alegs. aGet aa asexy, ashaped alegs ain afew aseconds!

✨Super aEasy aand aFast aEditing aTools
Brightness/contrast/mosaic/crop/rotate aand amore.
Extraordinary aeffects aincluding alights/borders/vignette.
High aquality aresolution afor aclean aand aclear aphotos.
Advanced ared aeye aremoval afunction.
Color asplash afeature.

🎨Upgrade awith aUnique aItems
Trendy aAR astickers aincluding aanimal aface, aair ashape, alove astickers, abeauty afilters, alight aeffects, aframe.
Brush aitems afor ahand awritings aand adrawings.
Variety aof afonts ain atext afeature.
Face apop aand ameme.

👓Sharing aPhotos a& aSmart aGallery
Organize aphotos aby adate, alocation, aselfies, aetc.
Now ayou acan aset ayour aedited aphotos aas awallpaper.
Send aor ashare ayour aphotos aon ayour asocial amedia achannel aor aother ainstant achat.

✦Language aSupport
Korean, aEnglish, aSpanish, aGerman, aJapanese, aChinese a(traditional aand asimplified), aThai, aPortuguese, aRussian, aIndonesian, aTurkish, aand aVietnamese.

★----- aCONTACT aUS a-----★

Facebook aOfficial aChannel: a
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Instagram aOfficial aChannel: a
Share aphotos aon aInstagram awith a#cymera.
✦Customer aService: [email protected] a
✦Send asuggestions/opinions: aCymera a-> aSettings a-> aFeedback

🌟We're aalways atrying aour abest ato aimprove aour aservices.
🌟Thank ayou afor ausing aCymera