Stick Shadow: War Fight for PC

Stick Shadow: War Fight for PC

You can't be fight stickman Super Saiyan , at best Stick can become Shadow SSJ .

Stick Shadow: War Fight Details

AuthorReed Been
Android Version4.2 and up
Content RatingTeen

Stick Shadow: War Fight Screenshots

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About Stick Shadow: War Fight For PC

aStick aShadow afighter aare athose atrained ain athe aart aof adestroying atheir afoes awith adevastating ablows aand astickman apowerful aki aSSJ aattacks. a
When amaking aa aStick aShadow afighter adbz, athink aabout ahow ayou agrew aup. aWere ayou atrained asince achildhood ato abe aa afighter? aOr ado ayou ahave aother ainterests amixed ainto ayour alife? aThink aabout awhat agoals ayou awould ahave. aDo ayou awant ato abecome apowerful ato again asomething, aprotect asomeone, aor ado ayou ajust awant ato afight astrong aopponents?
Addictive agameplay az afighters, aa athumping asoundtrack ato athe afighter awith aStickman asuper asaiyan aaction aon aa agrand ascale awarriors

- aCollect aover a20 acharacters aSSJ awith aunique afight adbz astyles
- aUpgrade aand aunlock aover a20 aunique aspecial amoves afor aeach afighter
- aStick aFighter asuper asaiyan ahas athe amost abasic acontrol aever!
- aHigh-quality agraphics! aStunning aspecial aeffects! aStickman asaiya afight assj apresent ayou athe abest agaming aexperience!
Go aFan apage aview aupdate anew aheroes aand asuggest abest anew aheroes. aWe awill aadd anow!!!
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