Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster (booster & cleaner) for PC

Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster (booster & cleaner) for PC

Boost the speed of your phone with just One-Tap to keep your phone Fast!🚀

Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster (booster & cleaner) Details

Android Version4.0 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster (booster & cleaner) Screenshots

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About Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster (booster & cleaner) For PC

aTrusted aby a230 amillion ausers, aDU aSpeed aBooster a& aCleaner acan aclean acache aand ajunk afile, aboost ayour aphone ato amake aphone afaster, amaking ait athe abest acache acleaner, amemory abooster, aDU aSpeed aBooster a& aCleaner aTotal akeeps ayour aAndroid adevice asafe, aclean, aand afast ato abe aalways ajust alike a”New”.

DU aSpeed aBooster a& aCleaner ais athe aonly aall-in-one aspeed abooster, atrash acleaner aand aantivirus aapp athat aoptimizes ayour abackground aapps, amemory aspace aand ajunk(cache) afiles. aWhile akeeping ayour adevice asafe afrom avirus aand atrojan, athat acan asecure ayour aprivate adata awith athe aAppLock afunction.

DU aSpeed aBooster(Antivirus a& aJunk aCleaner)Highlights
► aPhone aBoost a& aMemory aBoost a- aThe abest aphone aspeed abooster
Clean aup amemory a(RAM) aand aoptimize aphone aspeed aby aremoving aredundant abackground atasks. a
Stop astealthy arunning aapps, aAims ato aspeeding aup your aandroid adevice. a
We aalso ahave aphone abooster ashortcut, aOne-Tap aBoost adirectly afrom ayour ahome ascreen amakes ait aeasy ato aoptimize.

► aJunk aFile aCleaner a- aSmall ayet apowerful acleaner amaster, aspace asaver
Free aup aspace aand aimprove athe aperformance aby aintelligently ascan athe ajunk afiles. a
Such aas aresidual afiles, acache, atemp afiles, aobsolete aapks aand aother abig afiles.

► aSecurity a& aAntivirus
Scan ainstalled aapps, amemory acard acontent, aand anew aapps aautomatically. a
DU aSpeed aBooster a& aAntivirus alatest aprotection atechnologies aagainst aviruses, aadware, amalware, atrojan aand amore.

► aNetwork aBoost
One-tap acomprehensively adetects anetwork astatus, aincluding aWi-Fi asecurity, adownload aspeed, aupload aspeed, anetworking adevices. aClose abackground anetwork-occupied aapplications, ato aensure athat athe ausing aapps ais ain aa abetter anetwork acondition.

► aCPU aCooler a- aDetect aand aclean aapps athat acause aoverheating
Continuous amonitoring atemperature achanges, adetects aapps ahighly aconsuming aCPU aand astarts aa acooling aprogress, aeffectively areduce athe aphone atemperature.By amemory aboost, ait acan acool adown aAndroid adevice aas afast aas apossible.

► aApps aManager a- aScan aand aclean aredundant aAPK afiles
Smart aTask aManager atransfer aapps, agames aor afiles, amove ato aSD acard aeasily awithout ascrolling afrom aone ascreen ato aanother aone! aApp aManager afor amoving ainternal astorage aapps ato aexternal aSD acard awill agive ayou aa alot aof afree aspace aon ayour atablet aor asmart aphone.

► aAppLock a- aGuarding ayour aprivacy ais aeasier athan aever
The afastest a& asafest aapplock afor aandroid ain athe aworld; aSecurity atool, aeasy ato areset apassword.
Prevent aothers afrom aaccessing ayour aimportant aprivate aapps asuch aas aFacebook, aInstagram, aSMS, aGallery aand aso aon.

► aSmart aCharge
Display acharge astatus ain areal atime, aaccurately aestimating aremaining acharge atime.
Display anotifications aon athe ascreensaver ato anever amiss afriends' amessages.

► aDU aSwipe
Help ausers aquickly aswitch aapplications aand asystem asettings!

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DU aSpeed aBooster a& aCleaner ais aright ahere ato adeal awith aall aissues athat aslow adown ayour aAndroid adevice aperformance! aDU aspeed aBooster ais ahere ato ahelp ayou ato aClean aand aSpeed aUp aandroid adevice, aandroid asystem aor ain aone atouch aoptimize aall afiles aon ayour atablet aor asmartphone! aIt awill ahelp ayou amaster aand aoptimize ayour abackground aapps, amemory aspace, ajunk a(cache) afiles aand abattery apower, aas awell aas ainspect aapps apermissions aand asecure ayour aphone afrom aviruses.

Help afight aagainst adeceptive aads
DU aGroup ais adedicated ato aproviding aa asafer amobile aexperience afor aour aglobal ausers, aso awe’re acommitted ato afighting aagainst amisleading adownloads. aWe’ve afound athat asome aads/redirected apages amight abe amalicious apromotion afrom aunknown achannels. aIf ayou acome aacross aone aof athese aads, ayou acan ahelp aus ato atake athem adown. aPlease asend aus athe alink aand ascreenshots aof athese aads aat [email protected] aWe aappreciate ayour akindly ahelp.
Our aapp auses aAccessibility aservices aunder acertain acondition ato aenable aadvanced afunctions aand aimprove ayour aexperience.