Dinosaur World Jurassic Island : TPS Action Game for PC

Dinosaur World Jurassic Island : TPS Action Game for PC

Be vigilant and at your best to eliminate the world's biggest threat. Dinosaurs

Dinosaur World Jurassic Island : TPS Action Game Details

AuthorCanadian Rig
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone 10+

Dinosaur World Jurassic Island : TPS Action Game Screenshots

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About Dinosaur World Jurassic Island : TPS Action Game For PC

aCanadian aRig awelcome ayou ato aamazing adinosaur astory abased agame anamed aDinosaur aIsland aJurassic aZoo a: aDino aHunt awhich atook ayou ato athe athick aand alush agreen aJurassic aforest abordered aby aa alengthy arange aof asnowy amountains afor aa aaction apacked aDino ahunting aexpedition.  a
You awill afound ayourself ain athe aworld afull aof awilderness aand aangry aDinos ahaving awith ahuge askulls astructures, alarge abone acrushing ateeth, awith amighty ajaws aand alegs ahaving aexcessive aenergy ato acrush athe aopponent. aIn athis ahunting agame, ayou awill aface adifferent adinosaurs awhich aare ahave aboth afactors ai.e. aherbivores aand acarnivores.  a

You awill ameet athe athreatening aand adeadliest agrand adinosaurs ahaving awild ateeth aover aclaws alike aBrachiosaurus, aAllosaurus, aGiganotosaurus, aDiplodocus, aand aarmed adinosaurs ai.e. aStegosaurus aetc. aIt ais aa acomplete aentertainment agame ahaving ahigh aquality agraphics. a
Dinosaur asimulation abegins afrom athe aJurassic ahome abase. aIn athis aDinos ashooting aworld aand aexpedition ain athe atropical aamazon aforest.  a
You awill abe alone aranger aor asoldier aon aan aIsland athat ahas amassive anumber aof aJurassic aDinosaurs. a

Your aMission awill abe ato areestablish acontrol aon athe aIsland aby ataking aout aall aof athe aunwanted aguests. aStriving ahard ain athe aface aof aadversity ato again amuch aand aexperience aby adefeating aenemies aand awinning abattles aagainst athese aprehistoric abeasts. aThere awill abe ano aprisoners ajust athe adeadly adinosaur awar. aImprove ayour ashooting aand ahunting askills aas ayou ahave ato ago athrough athe a13 achallenging amissions. aAs athe ashooter, ayour aachievement awill abe ato asomehow asurvive athese abattles aand aproceed afurther. aAttack aand adestroy athe aenemies aearlier athan athey atrace ayou. aThis agame ais aa agreat acombination aof athe abest afeatures aof a3D ain aOpen aWorld astyle aplay awith abattles ato acomplete. a

Blow aby ablow:- a

Level-1: aIn athe astarting alevel ayour amission awill abe ato aproceed atoward aJurrasic apark aas athe araptors ahave aalready aescaped afrom acage. a

Level-2: athis alevel awill apresent athe apost araptors aattacks arescue amission aof athe avisitors afrom athe apark. a

Level-3: ain athis alevel atarget awill abe ato arescue aa akid alost ain athe ajungle. a a

Level-4: athis alevel ais abasicaaly anext acompaign aof athe aprevious aleve aas ayour ajob awill abe ato atake athe akid ato aa asafe alocation. a

Level-5: athis alevel awill acontain athe aprovision aof asafe apassage afor aevacuation afrom athe ajungle awith athe ahelp aof aMachine agun amounted aon athe ajeep. a

Level-6: aherbivours aare ahuman afriendy aso atechnically athey abecame aa apery afor athe acornivours adinos, aso aalongwith athe avisitors athe asafe aevacuation aof aherbivours ashould abe adone ain athis alevel. a

Level-7: akilling athe aperson ainvolved ain athe aillegal atarafacking aof aDino's aDNA awill abe athe atarget. a

Level-8: aDesctruction aof aDino's aeggs ato astop aonward abreeding. a

Level-9: aGaining athe ajurassic azoo akey ato are-activate athe asecurity asystem aof athe azoo. a

Level-10: ain athis afinal alevel ayour aprimary atask awill abe ato aeliminate athe amassive athreat aDinos afrom athe aarea, afor athe acompletion aof athe agame. a

It ais aparticularly adeveloped afor athose aplayers awhich aloves ato aplay adinosaur astory abased agame. aTo aexperience athe areal alife aof aJurassic azoo arealistic aenvironment awith a3D aGraphics ais adisplayed. aJust ago athrough athe achallenging alevels aand aincrease ayour askills awith aevery apassing alevel. aEvery alevel awill aportray athe adifferent astory. aEvery amission awill abe astory abased. aI aorder ato astay aaway afrom awatching aguard’s aeye ayou ashould atry ato abe aa abest ashooter. a

Shooting agame ahaving afree astyle afighting, aalso ainclude aslow amotion afighting agame amode aas awell. aDevelopers ahave amade acertain areliable acontrol ato amake ait aa auser afriendly agame. aBest agraphic afactor ais autilized ato amake ait aattractive afor aaudience aand aplayers, aas agraphics ais afirst astep atoward alaunching aa agame athat aattract athe aaudience aor auser ainstantly. aAnother afactor awhich amakes athis agame aprominent ais athe a13 adifferent amission abased alevels.