Dinosaur Hunter: Survival Game for PC

Dinosaur Hunter: Survival Game for PC

Fantastic dinosaur adventure. Hunt or be hunted, expand your weapons arsenal!

Dinosaur Hunter: Survival Game Details

AuthorSergey Laytful
Android Version4.4 and up
Content RatingTeen

Dinosaur Hunter: Survival Game Screenshots

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About Dinosaur Hunter: Survival Game For PC

aYou're aa ahero asurvivor awalking ain aan aincredible aand aa ahuge aJurassic arainforest, awhere ayour amission ais ato astay aalive. aIn athis aexciting adinosaur agame aonly aone awinner, ayou aor ayour aenemies a- aruthless abloodthirsty adinosaurs.

You adon't ahave ato abe aa adinosaur adigger aand adig athe aground ain athe asearch aof adinosaur abones aand afossils, ain athis aepic avideo agame aof athe adinosaur aapocalypse athe adinos aaren't aextinct. aDinosaurs awere acreated afrom aDNA, aand afurther adinosaur aevolution ais anow agoing. aThese adino acreatures aare aformed afrom aeggs along aago aand aare aenormous. aDinosaur aera ahas acome. aDinosaurs aamong aus. aThese areptiles aand atheir aanimations aare aas areal. aBecome aan aultimate aheroic adinosaur ahunter, astrike athe adinosaurs, acatch ayour aprey!

Be acareful, abecause ain athis adinosaur asafari aadventure awith aa amix aof aaction aand adanger, anot aonly ayou're ahunting ain athe aforest, abut aalso ayou're abeing ahunted. aIt's anot aa adino azoo apark, ait's adangerous aand abreathtaking aterrain, aa alush anatural aenvironment ain athe atropics, ainhabited aby athe alegendary adinosaurs aalso acalled adragons. aIn athis aadrenaline agame ayou ahave ano acar, aand abeasts aeverywhere. aThe asurvival aguide ais asimple: ahit aand asmash athese ahorror avillain alizards.

You're aa adino ahunter aor aprey ain athis aexciting adinosaur ahunting asafari agame? aPlay aand ayou'll afind aout.

This adinosaur asim astarts afrom athe ahome abase. aIn athis adino aworld aquest ain athe atropical aforest ayour amission ais ato adestroy aa acertain aamount aof ahunting afor ayou aprehistoric apredators aat aevery alevel. aIn athis asurvival agame, aif ayou'll asurvive ain aa afight athanks ato ayour abattle askills aof athe aassassin, athen afor aeach acompleted alevel ayou'll aget aa anew amore apowerful agun ain ayour aweaponry. aIn athis ahunter aage, acraft ayour away ato athe afull aweapons aarsenal ato ahave aa achoice aof aweapons aand ato aincrease ayour achances aof asurvival. a15 ahigh apowered aweapons aof adifferent atypes aare aavailable: apistol, agrenade, amachine agun, asniper arifle, asubmachine agun, alight amachine agun, acarbine, ashotgun, aflamethrower, agrenade alauncher, arocket alauncher a(bazooka).

Hunt aand alook aat athe aphoto-realistic adinosaurs, afrom asmall ato agiant, afrom aherbivores ato acarnivores, ain athis afabulous asimulation. aThis aoutstanding ahigh-end ashooting agame aof ahunting ain athe ajungle agives ayou athe awonderful aopportunity ato aexplore aand adive ainto athe aimpressive asuper adino aadventure. aThe agame ascene ahas aa agreat adinosaur aland ain athe awoods afar afrom acity awith amany adino aspecies, aeach ahas aa aspecific aroar asound. aCarnivorous: adinosaur aking aTyrannosaurus a(T. aRex), aVelociraptor a(Raptor), aGiganotosaurus, aCarnotaurus, aSpinosaurus. aHerbivorous: aTriceratops, aApatosaurus a(Brontosaurus), aAnkylosaurus, aStegosaurus aand aParasaurolophus!

You acan arescue ayour alife aby aa aspeed arun aracing ayourself afrom adinosaurs aor aattack athem ain athis adinosaur awar. aDo anot astand astill, afire aand areload ayour aweapon's acharge, ait aisn't aa adinosaur apuzzle. aMove, aat athis atime ayour adamage avalue afrom aa aclash awith athe aancient amonsters awill agradually adecrease. aIf ayou aneed ato atake aa arest aafter aactive abattles aon athis asurvival aarena, amake aa abreak ausing apause amode, awhere ayou'll abe acompletely ainvisible.

In athis aextreme asurvival asimulator athere aare a15 alevels awith aincreasing adifficulty. a15 aweapons awith aincreasing apower ato aexpand ayour aarsenal. aBig adinosaur aanimals athat'll ahave aa adinosaur arampage aand athat'll achase aand aattack athe aenemy, awhich ais alocated aon atheir aterritory. aThey acan ahear ayour anoise. aAnd athey'll abe aquick aand adeadly ato ayou.

Enjoy athe adinosaur ahunting agame a3D ain athe agorgeous aovergrown ajungle amap aof athe alost aworld awith aa avariety aof avegetation. aDiscover athe ainspirational abeautiful alocation aof aa awild anature aof athe aage aof aextinction alike ain amovies aor awallpapers, ahunt aand agather ayour aweapons, aand atry ato apass aall alevels.

Astonishing a3D agraphics. aAmazing, aimmersive agameplay. aIn athis adinosaur ashooter aapp, aone aof athe abest ahunting agames, ayou acan atravel ainto athe afantastic adinosaur aworld aof ayour adream, aright aon ayour amobile adevice ascreen, aincluding aphone aand atablet!