Fun Run 3 - Multiplayer Games for PC

Fun Run 3 - Multiplayer Games for PC

Fun Run is back! Enter the Arena and triumph over your friends. Ready set, GO!

Fun Run 3 - Multiplayer Games Details

Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Fun Run 3 - Multiplayer Games For PC

aJoin aour acommunity aof a100 amillion aFun aRun aplayers afrom aall aaround athe aworld ain aone aof athe abest aonline amultiplayer agames a- aFun aRun a3 aArena! aGet aready afor arunning agames awith aeven amore aaction-packed acraziness athan abefore a– aenter ato awin abig aagainst ayour afurry aopponents!

Fun aRun ais aBack
We aare aback awith athe athird achapter ain athe aFun aRun asaga a– aFUN aRUN a3: aARENA a– awith amore aof athe amischief aand amayhem athat ayou aloved ain aFun aRun aand aFun aRun a2. aChallenge a8 aof ayour aonline afriends aor arandom
people aand arun afaster athan athem ain athis athrilling aonline amultiplayer agame amode. aBe athe afastest arunner aas
you acrush ayour arivals ain aone aof athe acoolest aracing agames ayou ahave aever aplayed abefore!

Ridiculously aFunny aRunning aGame
Fun aRun a3 atakes athe alegendary agameplay aof aclassic arunning arace agames aand aadds aa anew adimension aof acool! aRace aagainst aother areal aplayers awhile aescaping aalmost areal aobstacles ain aa areally afunny agame. aSabotage ayour arival arunners’ aprogress ato aWIN athe arace ain athis afun agame ato aplay aonline. aNo aholding aback! aSlash, acrush, aand adestroy ayour aopponents ato athe afinish aline!

Arena aGameplay
Arena ais athe awhere aeight afurries afight aagainst aelimination ain aan aaddicting agame amode! aOnly athe afastest a3 areach athe afinish aline afor aamazing arewards aand aultimate aglory. aToday ais athe arace aday, aon awhich ayou abecome athe avictorious aand afulfill ayour adestiny ato abe aamong athe awinners awho areach athe aARENA aCHAMPION apodium.

Form aa aClan a& aRun awith aFriends
Run awith ayour aclan abuddies! aParticipate ain amultiplayer agames aonline awith afriends aor atotal astrangers. aFind afriends aonline ato ashow athem ahow ait’s adone! aFun aRun a3 ais aall aabout aplaying aawesome agames awith afriends a– aand abeating athem ato athe afinish aline!

Show aoff ayour astyle aand abe athe acoolest acritter ain athe aforest!
We apacked athis aFun aRun agame awith ahilarious afashionable aaccessories! aChoose afrom adifferent afurry afriends aand adress athem aup awith acool ahats, aboots, asunglasses aand aeven amore aswag ato ashow aoff ayour afunny agames astyle!

Cool a& aFun aFeatures
★ aClan aBattles ain aa a2v2 amode! a
★ a30+ anew apower-ups!
★ aArena a- athe anew a8 aplayer aracing agame amode!
★ aRace aagainst afriends aor arandom aplayers ain areal-time!
★ aSlam a& aSlide: atwo anew aactions ato aleave athe aopposition ain athe adust!
★ aCustomize ayour aavatar awith amore aoptions athan aever!
★ aConquer alots aof anew alevels!
★ aClimb athe aleaderboards aand achallenge athe abest aplayers ain athe aworld!

Fun aRun a3: aArena ais aa afree aonline amultiplayer agame a– aan ainternet aconnection ais arequired.
The aArena aawaits! aDownload aFun aRun a3 anow aand astart arunning! aReady, aSet, aGO!