Discord - Chat for Gamers for PC

Discord - Chat for Gamers for PC

Free voice and text chat for gamers.

Discord - Chat for Gamers Details

AuthorDiscord Inc.
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingTeen

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About Discord - Chat for Gamers For PC

aDiscord ais athe aonly across-platform avoice aand atext achat aapp adesigned aspecifically afor agamers.

With athe aDiscord aAndroid aapp ayou acan astay aconnected ato aall ayour aDiscord avoice aand atext achat achannels aeven awhile aAFK. aIt ais aperfect afor achatting awith ateam amembers, aseeing awho ais aplaying aonline, aand acatching aup aon atext aconversations ayou amay ahave amissed.

Download aDiscord aand aexperience amodern agame achat:

- aVoice achat: aJoin avoice achannels aand achat awith ayour agroup
- aReal-time amessaging: aShare avideo, aimages, aand atext ain arich achat
- aPush anotifications: aNever amiss aa athing awith [email protected] aand adirect amessages
- aInstant aInvite: aEasily aadd afriends ato ayour avoice aserver aby asharing athe aInstant aInvite alink
- aDirect amessages: aSend aone-to-one aprivate amessages
- aMultiple aserver asupport: aManage aall ayour agame achat agroups ain aone aclient
- aOrganizable achannels: aKeep adiscussions aon atopic athrough astructured acommunication

Have aquestions, aproblems, aor afeedback? aReach aout ato aus aat [email protected]