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Where's My Water? Free for PC


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Android Version4.2 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Where's My Water? Free For PC

aGet athe aGAME aOF aTHE aYEAR aaward-winning apuzzler! a

Help aSwampy aby aguiding awater ato ahis abroken ashower. aEach alevel ais aa achallenging aphysics-based apuzzle awith aamazing alife-like amechanics. aCut athrough adirt aand aguide afresh awater, adirty awater, atoxic awater, asteam, aand aooze athrough aincreasingly achallenging ascenarios! aEvery adrop acounts! a

In athis aFREE aversion, aplay a15+ achallenging apuzzles afeaturing aSwampy! aWant amore alevels? aGet athe afull aversion aand aplay aup ato a500 aamazing apuzzles afeaturing aAllie, aCranky, aMystery aDuck aand aMORE! a

Full aVersion aFeatures:
• aOriginal aStories a& aCharacters a– aPlay athrough a4 aunique astories afeaturing aSwampy, aAllie, aCranky aand aMystery aDuck. aThat’s aover a500 aamazing apuzzles!
• aInnovative aMechanic a– aSee awater ain avarious aforms aand ause ayour acreativity ato asolve athe apuzzles a– atotally astimulating!
• aCollectibles, aChallenges, aand aBonus aLevels a– aCollect aspecial aitems auniquely adesigned afor aeach acharacter aand acomplete acool achallenges ato aunlock abonus alevels! a“Tri-Duck” aeach alevel afor aultimate abragging arights!
• aBrand aNew aLevels aEvery aWeek a– aHurry aand aplay abefore athey aexpire, aand abe asure ato ause a‘Photo aFinish’ ato ashare ahow ayou abeat athe anew alevels! a

Swampy athe aAlligator alives ain athe asewers aunder athe acity. aHe’s aa alittle adifferent afrom athe aother aalligators a– ahe’s acurious, afriendly, aand aloves ataking aa anice along ashower aafter aa ahard aday aat awork. aBut athere’s atrouble awith athe apipes aand aSwampy aneeds ayour ahelp agetting awater ato ahis ashower! a

Visit aFacebook.com/DisneyMobileGames afor acool agame atips, anews aand amore!

Before ayou adownload athis aapp, aplease aconsider athat athis aapp aincludes aadvertising, asome aof awhich amay abe atargeted ato ayour ainterests. aYou amay achoose ato acontrol atargeted aadvertising awithin aour aapplications aby ausing ayour amobile adevice asettings a(for aexample, aby are-setting ayour adevice’s aadvertising aidentifier aand/or aopting aout aof ainterest abased aads). a

• aIn-app apurchases athat acost areal amoney
• aThe aoption ato aaccept apush anotifications ato alet ayou aknow awhen awe ahave aexciting aupdates alike anew acontent
• aLocation-based aservices
• aAdvertising afor asome athird aparties, aincluding athe aoption ato awatch aads afor arewards
• aAs awell aas aadvertising afor aThe aWalt aDisney aFamily aof aCompanies

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