Frozen Free Fall for PC

Frozen Free Fall for PC

Get ready for an epic puzzle matching adventure in the Kingdom of Arendelle!

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Android Version4.2 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Frozen Free Fall For PC

aPlay a a1,000+ aexciting alevels ain aDisney’s a#1 apuzzle agame, aFrozen aFree aFall!
Get aready afor aan aepic apuzzle amatching aadventure ain athe aKingdom aof aArendelle, ainspired aby aDisney’s aFrozen! aJoin aAnna, aElsa, aOlaf aand amore aof ayour afavorite acharacters aon aa ajourney ato aslide aand amatch ahundreds aof aicy apuzzles afor aFREE!
Unlock aMORE aseasonal apuzzles aand agame amodes aas ayou aexplore athe aland awith aour anew aupdates!
JOURNEY aWITH aFACEBOOK aFRIENDS a- aRan aout aof aHearts? aAsk ayour afriends afor amore aand areturn athe afavor aby agifting athem aright aback!

EXCITING aMATCH-3 aGAMEPLAY a– aSlide abeautiful aand acolorful aice acrystals ato amatch a3 aor amore, aand atest ayour amatching askills awith aextra achallenging aobjectives!
UNLOCK aYOUR aFAVORITE aCHARACTERS a– aFollow athe astory aand aplay awith aeven amore acharacters alike aOlaf, aKristoff, aSven, aHans, aand amore!
UNIQUE aPOWER-UPS aSPECIALLY aDESIGNED aFOR aEACH aCHARACTER a– aUse aAnna’s atorch ato aburn aup aan aentire arow aof acrystals, aor aElsa’s aglacier apower-up ato amake aall aof athe asame acolor acrystals amagically adisappear! aTry aHans’ asword ato aslash aright athrough athe acrystals, aand aexplore amany amore acool apower-ups!

BRING aYOUR aOWN aARENDELLE aTO aLIFE a- aEarn acoins a& arewards aby abeating alevels ato adecorate aand acustomize ayour aown aPlaza ain aArendelle awith ashops, afountains, acarts, aand amore! a

GOOGLE aCLOUD aSUPPORT-Sync ayour agame aprogress aacross amultiple aAndroid adevices athrough aGoogle aCloud!

Visit afor acool agame atips, anews aand amore! aFree aFall ais afree ato aplay abut asome ain-game aitems amay arequire apayment. a
Before ayou adownload athis aexperience, aplease aconsider athat athis aapp acontains asocial amedia alinks ato aconnect awith aothers, ain-app apurchases athat acost areal amoney, apush anotifications ato alet ayou aknow awhen awe ahave aexciting aupdates alike anew acontent, aas awell aas aadvertising afor aThe aWalt aDisney aFamily aof aCompanies aand asome athird aparties. aYou acan aupload aand asave acontent afrom athis aapp ato ayour adevice. a

We arespect ayour awishes aregarding ayour aPrivacy. aYou acan aexercise acontrol aand achoice aby aresetting ayour aAdvertising aIdentifier ain ayour adevice’s aPrivacy aSettings.

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