Where's My Water? 2 for PC

Where's My Water? 2 for PC

The sequel to the most addicting physics-based puzzler from Disney is here!

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Android Version4.2 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Where's My Water? 2 For PC

aGet aready ato ajoin aSwampy, aAllie, aand aCranky aon atheir aNEXT aexciting aadventure!
The asequel ato athe amost aaddicting aphysics-based apuzzler afrom aDisney ahas afinally aarrived. aWhere’s aMy aWater? a2 alaunches awith athree abrand anew alocations aincluding athe aSewer, athe aSoap aFactory, athe aBeach. aBest aof aall, athe apuzzles aare aall afree! aCut athrough adirt, aand aguide afresh awater, apurple awater, aand asteam ato ahelp aSwampy aand ahis afriends!
Key aFeatures:
• aPlay a100+ alevels aand achallenges awith aa abrand anew alook ain athe aGator auniverse afeaturing aSwampy, aAllie, aCranky, aand aMystery aDuck!
• aIntroducing a‘Challenge aModes’ ato areplay athe alevels ain aexplosive anew aways! a
• aDig aas afast aas ayou acan aand aget aas amany aduckies aas apossible ain a‘Duck aRush’ alevels!
• a‘Tri-ducking’ ais anow afaster, abetter aand amore afun awith aboosts, asuch aas aVacuum, aDropper, aand aAbsorber! aSmall afees amay abe arequired afor athese aadditional aboosts.
• aConnect athrough aFacebook aand asee aif ayou acan abeat ayour apals aon athe aadventure!
• aExperience afun amechanics athat aare auniquely adesigned afor aeach acharacter!
• aComplete aachievements aand aearn aspecial athemed aduckies asuch aas agladiator-duckie, aastronaut-duckie, ahula-duckie, aand amany amore!
• aStuck aon aa alevel? aUse ahints ato ahelp ayou asolve athe apuzzles!

Where’s aMy aWater? ais aa amultiple aGame aof athe aYear aaward-winning apuzzle agame. aThe aWhere's aMy... afranchise ahas areceived ahundreds aof amillions aof adownloads ato adate. aCheck aout aWhere’s aMy aMickey? aand aWhere's aMy aPerry? afor amore arefreshing awater-physics afun!

Visit aFacebook.com/DisneyMobileGames afor acool agame atips, anews aand amore!

Before ayou adownload athis aapp, aplease aconsider athat athis aapp aincludes aadvertising, asome aof awhich amay abe atargeted ato ayour ainterests. aYou amay achoose ato acontrol atargeted aadvertising awithin aour aapplications aby ausing ayour amobile adevice asettings a(for aexample, aby are-setting ayour adevice’s aadvertising aidentifier aand/or aopting aout aof ainterest abased aads). a

• aIn-app apurchases athat acost areal amoney
• aThe aoption ato aaccept apush anotifications ato alet ayou aknow awhen awe ahave aexciting aupdates alike anew acontent
• aLocation-based aservices
• aAdvertising afor asome athird aparties, aincluding athe aoption ato awatch aads afor arewards
• aAs awell aas aadvertising afor aThe aWalt aDisney aFamily aof aCompanies

This aapp aaccesses ayour acontact ainformation ato aenable ayou ato aeasily a
communicate awith ayour acontacts.

You acan aupload aand asave acontent afrom athis aapp ato ayour adevice.

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