Drive Ahead! for PC

Drive Ahead! for PC

Knock your friend in the head with a car to score points.

Drive Ahead! Details

AuthorDodreams Ltd.
Android Version4.4 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Drive Ahead! Screenshots

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About Drive Ahead! For PC

aDrive aAhead! ais aa agladiator acar afight. aWreck ayour afriends aby aknocking atheir ahelmets awith aa avariety aof acars afrom amonster atrucks ato aalien asaucers! aHundreds aof acars aand alevels abring aendless ahours aof ahelmet-crashing aaction aand afreak aaccidents!

You acan aplay aDrive aAhead! ain afour agame amodes. aBattle ayour afriends ain atwo-player amatches ain alocal amultiplayer aon athe asame adevice aor aover aWiFi! aExplore astadium amissions afeaturing adinosaurs, aaliens aand arobots! aReduce athe aunworthy ato awrecks aand areign asupreme ain aKing aof athe aHill! aShare ayour abest aSuperstar aStadium areplays afor aa ashot aat afeaturing ainside athe agame! aWill ayou abe athe anext aDrive aAhead asuperstar?!

Customize ayour abattles aor ago arandom afor acrazy amatchups! aCan ayou abest aa amonster atruck awith aa ago-kart? aHiding awon't ahelp a- asudden adeath abrings asawblades, arain aof afire aand aflash afloods. aThe aonly adefense ais aruthless aoffense!

Collect avirtual acredits aand ause athem ain athe aPrize aMachine ato aunlock atons aof acars aand aloads aof aarenas aas ayou aplay!

We awould alove ato ahear ayour afeedback. aYou acan aemail aus aat adriveahead a[at] adodreams a[dot] acom aor afollow aus aon aFacebook a( aHere ais aour aPrivacy aPolicy: a

Are ayou aenjoying aDrive aAhead? aHelp aus amake amore afun agames alike athis aby arating aand areviewing ait!