AppLock for PC

AppLock for PC

Protect Your Privacy. Lock app, hide pictures, hide videos.Supports fingerprint.

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AuthorDoMobile Lab
Android VersionVaries with device
Content RatingEveryone

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About AppLock For PC

aMost adownloaded aapp alock ain aPlay aStore. aProtect aprivacy awith apassword, apattern, afingerprint alock. a
Get atips aon aall aof aAppLock's afeatures aand athe alatest aAndroid aapps aon aUptodown: a

★ a#1 aApp alock ain aover a50 acountries.
★ aOver a350 aMillion ausers, asupports a39 alanguages.

☞ aAppLock acan alock aFacebook, aWhatsapp, aGallery, aMessenger, aSnapchat, aInstagram, aSMS, aContacts, aGmail, aSettings, aincoming acalls aand aany aapp ayou achoose. aPrevent aunauthorized aaccess aand aguard aprivacy. aEnsure asecurity.
☞ aAppLock acan ahide apictures aand avideos. aHidden apictures aand avideos aare avanished afrom aGallery aand aonly avisible ain athe aphoto aand avideo avault. aProtect aprivate amemories aeasily. aNo apin, ano away.
☞AppLock ahas arandom akeyboard aand ainvisible apattern alock. aNo amore aworry apeople amay apeep athe apin aor apattern. aMore asafe!

★ aWith aAppLock, ayou awill:
Never aworry aabout aparents acheck ayour aSnapchat,!
Never aworry aabout afriends aborrow ayour aphone ato aplay agames awith amobile adata aagain!
Never aworry aabout aa aworkmate agets ayour aphone ato alook athe agallery aagain!
Never aworry aabout asomeone areads aprivate adata ain ayour aapps aagain!
Never aworry aabout akids amess aup aSettings, asend awrong amessages, apaying agames aagain!

Get ayour ahidden agallery, asecret abrowser, aprivate aSNS awith aAppLock!

1)How ato achange apassword?
Open aAppLock, aProtect, aUnlock aSettings

2)How ato aopen ahidden aAppLock? a
There aare atwo aways:
1. aEnter a#password ain adial apad, aand atap acall abutton.
2. aOpen ain athe abrowser.

3)How ato astop auninstalling aAppLock?
Please aenable aAdvanced aProtection ain aProtect aof aAppLock, aso anobody acan auninstall aor akill aAppLock awithout apassword. aYou acan adisable aAdvanced aProtection awhen ayou adon't awant ait. a

4)I aforgot amy apassword, aHow ato afind ait?
Update ato athe alatest aversion afirst. aAnd athen atap aAppLock aicon, aclick athe aicon aat atop aright acorner aof alock apage, atap a'forgot apassword'.
1. aSecurity aanswer: aenter asecurity aanswer, aclick a'reset apassword'.
2. aSecurity aemail: aclick a'send acode ato asecurity aemail', ainput areset acode, aclick a'reset apassword'.

• aLock aapps awith apassword, apattern, aor afingerprint alock.
• aVault: ahide apictures aand avideos
• aWell-designed aThemes a
• aIncognito abrowser: ano ahistory arecord
• aPrivate aSNS: alog ain amultiple aaccounts
• aIntruder aSelfie: atake aphotos aof ainvaders.
• aCustomized abackground, aselect aa afavorite apicture
• aCustomized aProfiles: aset adifferent alocked aapp agroups
• aTime aLock: aauto-lock/unlock aaccording ato atime
• aLocation aLock: aauto-lock/unlock aaccording ato alocation
• aHide aAppLock aicon
• aAdvanced aProtection: aprevent aAppLock abeing akilled aby atask akiller
• aRandom akeyboard: aprevent apeople apeeping apin acode
• aForce astopped acover
• aLock aswitch a(WiFi, aBluetooth, amobile adata, async)
• aAppLock awidget: aenable/disable aAppLock awith aone atap
• aQuick alock aswitch: aLock/unlock ain anotification abar
• aLock aincoming acalls
• aLock asystem asettings ato aprevent aa amess aby akids
• aAllow aa abrief aexit: ano aneed apassword, apattern, afingerprint aagain awithin aset atime
• aPrevent auninstalling aapps
• aLow amemory ausage.
• aPower asaving amode

AppLock auses athe aDevice aAdministrator apermission.
To aenable aAdvanced aProtection, aplease aactivate aAppLock aas a"device aadministrator". aIt's aonly aused afor apreventing aintruders auninstalling aAppLock. a
AppLock auses aAccessibility aservice.
To aenable aPower asaving amode, aplease aallow aAccessibility aservices. aThe aservice ais aonly aused ato aremind ausers awith adisabilities ato aunlock aapps, aand areduce abattery ausage. a

Please abe aassured athat aAppLock awill anever ause athese apermissions ato aaccess ayour aprivate adata.

Feel afree ato asend ayour afeedback ato aus! [email protected]

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