Fort Conquer for PC

Fort Conquer for PC

Waves of monsters are approaching. Evolve your troop, and conquer the fort!

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Android Version2.3.3 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Fort Conquer For PC

aWaves aof amonsters ahave aevolved aand aare arushing atowards ayour aterritory. aBuild aup ayour aloyal atroop aand atrain athem afor athe abattle! aYou amust adefend ayour aown atower aand aconquer athe aopponent's afort!

Highlighted afeatures ainclude abut aare anot alimited ato:
# aEvolvement aof athe asame aspecies. aMightier apower aand aincredible anew acreatures aare aavailable.
# aAbundant aspecies afor aevolvement. aChallenge ayour aimagination ato acreate anew aspecies.
# aMultiple arow atower adefense. aTake asmart astrategy ato awin athe abattle.
# aHigh aquality agorgeous agraphics aand aamazing asound aeffect.
# aChallenge aBOSS astages!

Ready? a aWho awill abe athe aconqueror ain athe aend?