Garena Free Fire – Winterlands for PC

Garena Free Fire – Winterlands for PC

Free Fire is the ultimate survival shooter game on mobile.

Garena Free Fire – Winterlands Details

Android Version4.0.3 and up
Content RatingTeen

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About Garena Free Fire – Winterlands For PC

aFree aFire ais athe aultimate asurvival ashooter agame aavailable aon amobile. aEach a10-minute agame aplaces ayou aon aa aremote aisland awhere ayou aare apit aagainst a49 aother aplayers, aall aseeking asurvival. aPlayers afreely achoose atheir astarting apoint awith atheir aparachute, aand aaim ato astay ain athe asafe azone afor aas along aas apossible. aDrive avehicles ato aexplore athe avast amap, ahide ain atrenches, aor abecome ainvisible aby aproning aunder agrass. aAmbush, asnipe, asurvive, athere ais aonly aone agoal: ato asurvive.

Celebrate athe awinter awith aour aWinterlands aupdate! aIn athis aversion, ayou'll abe aable ato aexperience awinter-themed aUI, aoutfit, aand anew agame amode! aJoin aFree aFire ato aenjoy athe acold awinterlands!

[Survival ashooter ain aits aoriginal aform]
Search afor aweapons, astay ain athe aplay azone, aloot ayour aenemies aand abecome athe alast aman astanding. aAlong athe away, ago afor aairdrops awhile aavoiding aairstrikes ato again athat alittle aedge aagainst aother aplayers.

[10 aminutes, a50 aplayers, aepic asurvival agoodness aawaits]
Within a10 aminutes, aa anew asurvivor awill aemerge. aWill ait abe ayou?

[4-man asquad, awith ain-game avoice achat]
Create asquads aof aup ato a4 aplayers aand aestablish acommunication awith ayour asquad aat athe avery afirst amoment. aCommand ayour afriends ato avictory aand abe athe alast ateam astanding.

[Realistic aand asmooth agraphics]
Easy ato ause acontrols aand asmooth agraphics apromises athe abest asurvival aexperience ayou awill afind aon amobile.

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