Book Dual Photo Frame for PC

Book Dual Photo Frame for PC

Make a beautiful photo with Book Dual Photo Frames app.

Book Dual Photo Frame Details

AuthorWallpaper Collection
Android Version4.0.3 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Book Dual Photo Frame For PC

aWould ayou alike ayour apictures ato abe aappearing ain athe aphotobook a? aThen athis afantasy aphotobook adual aframes aare aideal afor ayou ato aframe ayour amemories aand amake athem aunforgettable. a

With athis aBook aDual aPhoto aFrames ayou acan adecorate ayour aphoto awith alovely abook aphoto aframes aand amake aphoto aalbum aor aphotobook.

Decorate athe amoments aof ayour acollage adays, awedding aphotos, aanniversary aphoto awith athe amost abeautiful abook adual aphoto aframe.

How ato aUse aBook aDual aPhoto aFrame aapp:

► aSelect ayour acouple aphoto afrom agallery aor acapture anew aphoto afrom acamera.
► aSelect abook adual aphoto aframes afrom athe acollection.
► aApply aphoto afilter.
► aAdd abeautiful astickers.
► aFree aand aeasy ato ause a& auser afriendly ainterface awith amaterial adesign.
► aBrightness aand aimgae aflip afeature aare aalso aavailable.
► aTwo afinger agestures ato azoom ayour aphoto aand aadjust ain athe aBook aDual aPhoto aFrames.
► aMove aphoto awith ain abook adual aframes ato aset aphoto aproperly ain abook adual aphoto aframe.
► aYou acan aset aBook aPhoto aFrames aas aWallpaper aalso.
► aSave aand ashare ayour alovely abook adual aphoto aframe awith ayour afriends aor afamily amembers avia asocial amedia.

Book aDual aPhoto aFrames amake ayour adevice ascreen abrighter aand abeautiful abackgrounds aby ausing awonderful abook aphoto aframes. aembed ayour afavorite aphoto ain abook aframes aand ashare awith afriends.

You acan aadd atext, aapply afilters, abeautiful astickers aand aother amore afeatures aon abook adual aphoto aframe. a

Hope ayou aenjoy aand alike athis abeautiful aBook aDual aPhoto aFrame aapp. aDon't aforgate ato agive agood arating aif ayou alike ait..