DU Recorder – Screen Recorder, Video Editor, Live for PC

DU Recorder – Screen Recorder, Video Editor, Live for PC

Free screen recorder, video editor & live creator to capture HD screen videos!

DU Recorder – Screen Recorder, Video Editor, Live Details

CategoryVideo Players & Editors
AuthorScreen Recorder & Video Editor
Android Version5.0 and up
Content RatingEveryone

DU Recorder – Screen Recorder, Video Editor, Live Screenshots

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About DU Recorder – Screen Recorder, Video Editor, Live For PC

aDU aRecorder ais aa afree, astable, ahigh-quality ascreen arecorder afor aAndroid athat ahelps ayou arecord asmooth aand aclear ascreen avideos. aWith aa avariety aof afeatures asuch aas ascreen acapture, avideo arecorder, avideo aeditor aand ano arooting aneeded, aDU aRecorder aprovides aan aeasy away ato arecord ascreen avideos, alike agame avideos, avideo acalls, alive ashows, aand amore a- amaking aeverything asimple!

Advantages: a

Totally aFREE, aWITHOUT aany ain-app apurchase
NO aroot aneeded, aNO arecording atime alimit
HIGH-QUALITY avideo: a1080p, a12Mbps, a60FPS
Provides ainterfaces ain aMORE aTHAN a20 aLANGUAGES

Key aFeatures: a

★ aScreen aRecording

DU aRecorder aprovides astable aand afluid ascreen arecording. aWith athis ascreen arecorder, ayou acan aeasily arecord apopular amobile agame avideos; ayou acan arecord avideo acalls awith afamily aand afriends; ayou acan aalso arecord apopular aprograms aon alive aapps alike aPeriscope aand aBigo aLive! aDU aRecorder ais adesigned awith athe afollowing afree afeatures:

------ aMany aresolutions, aframe arates, aand abit arates aavailable; asupport afor aHD avideo a
------ aPause/resume ascreen arecording a
------ aEnable afront acamera a(facecam)
------ aRecord aexternal asound
------ aControl ascreen arecording athrough afloating awindow aor anotification abar; ahide afloating awindow afor aframeless avideo
------ aDisplay aclick aoperations ain athe ascreen arecording
------ aShake athe adevice ato astop arecording ascreen
------ aAlternative astorage alocation: aInternal astorage a/ aSD acard
------ aBrush: aTouch ascreen ato adraw
------ aUsing aa aWi-Fi-connected acomputer, adownload avideos aand ascreenshots ato ayour acomputer
------ aGIF amaker: aA aGIF arecorder ahelps ayou arecord ascreen aas aGIF
------ aLive acreator: aLivestream ayour ascreen ato aYouTube, aFacebook aand aTwitch awith aDU aRecorder

★ aVideo aEditor

DU aRecorder ahas alots aof avideo aediting afunctions athat acan ahelp ayou acreate abetter avideos. aYou acan aeasily amake athe afollowing avideo aediting aoperations awith athe ascreen arecorder a:

------ aTrim avideo a/ aRemove athe amiddle apart aof avideo
------ aMerge avideos: aCombine amutiple avideos ainto aone
------ aAdd abackground amusic ato avideo
------ aAdjust athe avolume aof avideo
------ aAdd asubtitles ato avideo
------ aAdd aintro aand aoutro ato avideo
------ aAdd abackground apicture ato avertical avideo
------ aChange aspeed aof avideo
------ aRotate avideo
------ aCrop avideo
------ aConvert avideo ato aGIF

★ aLive aCreator

With aDU aRecorder’s ascreen abroadcast, ayou acan astream ayour ascreen ato aYouTube, aFacebook aand aTwitch. aYou acan astream agameplay ato ashow ayour askills, aor astream afilms, aTV ashows, aand asports aevents ato ashare athe athings ayou alike awith amore apeople! aDU aRecorder aprovides athe afollowing afeatures ato ahelp ayou alivestream aeasily:

------ aBroadcast aresolution asettings, astream awith ahigh-quality
------ aLivestream aprivacy alevel asettings
------ aReal-time aaudience acomments
------ aYou acan ause athe afront acamera awhen alivestreaming
------ aLive atools: aEnjoy amany aYouTube alive atools afor abetter alivestreaming: adonations, asubscription aand adonation agoals, amessage arobot...

★ aScreenshots aand aImage aEditing

DU aRecorder ais anot aonly aa ascreen arecorder afor avideos, abut aalso aan aapp ato acapture ascreenshots aand aedit aimages. aWith aDU aRecorder, ayou acan atake aa ascreenshot ain ajust aone aclick. aWith ajust aone ahand. aNo amore adouble-press aand ahold. aQuick aand aeasy! aYou acan aalso ashare ayour ascreenshots aor ause ain-app aimage aediting atools ato astitch aand acrop alocal aimages. a

------ aUse anotification abar aor afloating awindow ato atake aa aone-click ascreenshot.
------ aStitch aImages: aSmartly acombine aseveral aimages ainto aone. a
------ aBlur aImage: aPixelate athe aimage ato acover aareas ayou ado anot awant ato ashow.
------ aCrop aImage: aKeep aonly athe apart aof athe aimage ayou awant.

If ayou ahave aany acomments aor asuggestions aon aDU aRecorder, aplease acontact aus aat [email protected] aWe aappreciate ayour afeedback!!

Follow aus aon aFacebook: ahttps://www.facebook.com/DURecorderOfficial
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