Need for Speed™ No Limits for PC

Need for Speed™ No Limits for PC

Dominate the competition and rule the streets. Download to race now!

Need for Speed™ No Limits Details

Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone 10+

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About Need for Speed™ No Limits For PC

aClaim athe acrown aas aking aof athe aunderground aas ayou arace afor adominance ain athe afirst awhite-knuckle aedition aof aNeed afor aSpeed amade ajust afor amobile a– afrom athe agame adeveloper athat abrought ayou aReal aRacing a3. a

Build athe aride athat ashows ayour astyle awith aan aunbelievable arange aof acars aand acustomizations. aLaunch ayourself abetween achaos aand acontrol aas ayou ahit athe apedal aand aroll ainto aunderground astreet aracing. aTakedown athe acompetition, aup ayour arep, athen akick ainto amore araces, amore acustomizations, aand amore acars. aMake ayour achoices aand anever alook aback.

This aapp aoffers ain aapp apurchases. aYou amay adisable ain aapp apurchases ausing ayour adevice asettings.

Stock ayour agarage awith athe areal-world acars ayou’ve aalways awanted, afrom atop amanufacturers asuch aas aFerrari, aLamborghini, aMcLaren, aPagani, aKoenigsegg, aHennessey, aand amore. aThen atrick athem aout awith athe ahottest acustomization asystem aon amobile, afrom aspots alike athe aMod aShop aand athe aBlack aMarket, agiving ayou aover a2.5 amillion acustom acombos ato aplay awith. aYour arides aare awaiting a– atake athem ato athe astreets ato ago ahead-to-head awith athe acompetition aand aprove ayourself. a

Steer aonto athe astreets aof aBlackridge, aaccelerate aover ajumps aand aaround adebris, ainto atraffic, aagainst awalls, aand athrough ahigh-speed aNitro aZones. aFlip aon athe anitrous aand athrust ayourself ainto aanother alevel aof aadrenaline-fueled adriving aand adrifting. aAround aevery acorner ais aa afresh arace aas ayou aclash awith alocal acrews aand alocal acops. aIt’s aa aworld afull aof awannabe adrivers a– acan ayou astay ain afront aand aearn arespect? a

Never aback adown aas ayou arace aanyone acrazy aenough ato atake ayou aon, aleave athem agapped, aand aincrease ayour arep. aDig, adrift, adrag, aand aroll ayour aride ato athe afinish aline awhile aoutrunning athe apolice aon ayour atail. aBurn arubber ain aover a1,000 achallenging araces a– aand athat’s ajust athe astarting aline. aBe anotorious, aown athe astreets, aand ascore athe aworld’s abest acars. aBecause aone aride ais anever aenough!

User aAgreement:
Visit a afor aassistance aor ainquiries. a

EA amay aretire aonline afeatures aand aservices aafter a30 adays’ anotice aposted aon

Important aConsumer aInformation: a
This aapp: arequires aa apersistent aInternet aconnection a(network afees amay aapply); aRequires aacceptance aof aEA’s aPrivacy a& aCookie aPolicy aand aUser aAgreement. aincludes ain-game aadvertising; acollects adata athrough athird aparty aanalytics atechnology a(see aPrivacy a& aCookie aPolicy afor adetails); acontains adirect alinks ato athe aInternet aand asocial anetworking asites aintended afor aan aaudience aover a13.