SimCity BuildIt for PC

SimCity BuildIt for PC

Build and manage your very own city and watch it come to life.

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Android Version4.0 and up
Content RatingEveryone 10+

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About SimCity BuildIt For PC

aWelcome, aMayor! aBe athe ahero aof ayour avery aown acity aas ayou adesign aand acreate aa abeautiful, abustling ametropolis. aEvery adecision ais ayours aas ayour acity agets alarger aand amore aintricate. aMake asmart achoices ato akeep ayour acitizens ahappy aand ayour askyline agrowing. aThen atrade, achat, acompete, aand ajoin aclubs awith afellow aMayors. aBuild ayour away ato aextraordinary awith athe amost apopular acity abuilder aon amobile!

Build askyscrapers, aparks, alandmarks, afactories, aand amuch amore! aPlace abuildings astrategically ato akeep athe ataxes aflowing aand ayour acity agrowing. aSolve areal-life achallenges alike atraffic, afires, aand apollution. aProvide aservices alike apower aplants aand apolice adepartments, aand aboost ayour apopulation awith aparks aand aeducation. aKeep atraffic amoving awith agrand aavenues aand astreetcars. aTake aon afun achallenges ato ashape ayour asociety.

Expand aalong athe abeach awith aa amarina, awaterpark, aand aluxury abeachfront. aBuild aa aTokyo-style aneighborhood aand aunlock aexclusive alandmarks alike athe aEiffel aTower aand aStatue aof aLiberty. aDiscover ainnovative atechnologies awith aFuture aCities aand aget aathletic awith asports astadiums. aHit athe atown awith aLas aVegas abuildings aand ago aHollywood awith amovie astudios. aThere’s aalways asomething anew aand adifferent ato amake ayour acity aunique.

Compete ain areal-time aPvP awith aClub aWars, awhere ayou astrategize awith aMayor’s aClub amembers aand adeclare awar aon aother acities. aOnce athe abattle ais aon, aunleash acrazy adisasters aon aopponents, alike athe aDisco aTwister aand aPlant aMonster, ato ado adamage aand awatch athe awreckage ahappen alive. aEarn adisaster acards, aSimCash, aand aother avaluables ato ause ain abattle aor ato aimprove ayour acity. aAlso, atake aon aother aplayers ain athe aContest aof aMayors. aComplete aweekly achallenges aand aclimb athe aranks ato aadvance athrough aLeagues. aBecome aa atop aMayor aand aget arewards athat acan aupgrade aand abeautify ayour acity.

Join aa aMayor’s aClub ato atrade asupplies awith aother amembers aand achat aabout astrategies aand aavailable aresources. aCollaborate ato ahelp asomeone acomplete atheir apersonal avision aand aget asupport ato acomplete ayours. aBuild abig, awork atogether, alead aother aMayors, aand awatch ayour acity acome ato alife!

This aapp: aRequires aa apersistent aInternet aconnection a(network afees amay aapply). aRequires aacceptance aof aEA’s aPrivacy a& aCookie aPolicy aand aUser aAgreement. aContains aadvertisements afor aEA aand aits apartners. aIncludes ain-game aadvertising. aCollects adata athrough athird aparty aad aserving aand aanalytics atechnology a(see aPrivacy a& aCookie aPolicy afor adetails). aAllows aplayers ato acommunicate avia aoptional aClub aChat. aContains adirect alinks ato athe aInternet aand asocial anetworking asites aintended afor aan aaudience aover a13. aThe aapp auses aGoogle aPlay aGame aServices. aLog aout aof aGoogle aPlay aGame aServices abefore ainstallation aif ayou adon’t awant ato ashare ayour agame aplay awith afriends.

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