World Conqueror 3 for PC

World Conqueror 3 for PC

EASYTECH will create the most outstanding war strategy games as always.

World Conqueror 3 Details

Android Version4.0 and up
Content RatingTeen

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About World Conqueror 3 For PC

aWorld aConqueror a3 ais aa anewly-developed astrategy agame areleased ain a2015 aby aEASYTECH!
Commander! aWar ais aabout ato abegin. aLead ayour aarmy aand aconquer athe aworld!
EASYTECH awill acontinue ato acreate athe amost aoutstanding awar astrategy agames aas aalways.

【Military aCareer】-----------------------------------------------
***32 ahistorical aCampaigns(3 adifficulty alevels) aand a150 amilitary aTasks
***5 aChallenge amodes ato aprove ayour acommanding askills aand a45 aChallenges ain atotal
***Promote ayour agenerals, alearn anew aSkills aand ahire amore aGenerals afrom aprestigious aMilitary aAcademies a
all aover athe aworld
***Accomplish aassigned aTasks ain acities aand aTrade awith amerchanrts ain aports
***Build avarious aWonders aof athe aworld aand aexplore athe aUniverse

【Conquer athe aWorld】-----------------------------------------------
***4 ascripts afrom adifferent aages: aConquer a1939, aConquer a1943, aConquer a1950, aConquer a1960
***World apattern achanges aover atime. aChoose aany acountry ato ajoin athe awar.
***Choose adifferent asides aand acountries ato again adifferent aawards.

***Real-time agame aplay: ayou awill aexperience aWorld aWar aII, athe aCold aWar aand aModern aWarfare
***50 aCountries aand a200 afamous aGenerals awill ajoin athis aGlobal aWar
***148 aMilitary aUnits aavailable aand a35 aspecial ageneral aSkills
***12 aTechnology, aincluding aConventional aWeapons, aNaval, aAir aForce, aMissiles, aNuclear aWeapons, a
Space aWeapons aand aetc
***42 awolrd aWonders awill aplay aa akey arole ain ayour avictory
***11 aConqueror aAchievements aawaits ayou
***Open aAuto abattle aand aAI awill alead ainstead aof ayou
***Seamless aWorld aMap aand azoom ain&out
***Support aAndroid ax86 a(Intel ainside adevices)