World Conqueror 4 for PC

World Conqueror 4 for PC

World Conqueror 4 is the newest-released game by EasyTech in 2017.

World Conqueror 4 Details

Android Version4.3 and up
Content RatingTeen

World Conqueror 4 Screenshots

World Conqueror 4 for PC screenshot 1World Conqueror 4 for PC screenshot 2World Conqueror 4 for PC screenshot 3

About World Conqueror 4 For PC

aWorld aConqueror a4 ais athe anewest-released agame aby aEASYTECH ain a2017.

We awill acontinue ato adevelop aand acreate athe abest awar astrategy agame.


a a a*** aMore athan a100 agreat acampaigns abased aon ahistory

a a a*** aExperience ahistorical amoments, asuch aas athe abattle aof aDunkirk, athe abattle aof aStalingrad, athe aNorth aAfrica acampaign aand athe abattle aof aMidway aIslands

a a a*** aCommand ayour aarmy ato aaccomplish astrategic aobjectives awithin alimited atime aaccording ato ascenario


a a a*** aExperience a[WWⅡ a1939] a[WWⅡ a1943] a[Cold aWar a1950] a[Modern aWar a1980]

a a a*** aSelect aany acountry ain athe aworld, aadjust adiplomatic atactics, aaid aallies, aand adeclare awar aon aother acountries

a a a*** aAdjust astrategic aobjectives aaccording ato athe abattlefield, abuild acities, adevelop ascience aand atechnology, aand aproduce amilitary aunits

a a a*** aScore ahigh amarks aby aoccupying athe amost aterritories ain athe aleast aamount aof atime, aand amarks awill abe aranked aon athe aGoogle aGame awith aother aplayers


a a a*** aBuild ayour aarmy ain athe aheadquarters
a a a*** aDeploy ayour aarmy aon athe afield awhether ait's aan aexercise aor aa alegion abattle
a a a*** aThe aproper aarrangement aof atroops aand ausage aof agenerals ais athe akey ato avictory
a a a*** a40 achallenge aoperations ato atest athe alimit aof ayour acommanding askill


a a a*** aChoose aexcellent agenerals ato afight aside aby aside, apromote atheir aranks aand apick athe asuitable askills afor athem

a a a*** aWear ayour agenerals awith amedals ayou aearned ato aimprove atheir askills a

a a a*** aComplete aspecific atasks ain athe acity aand atrade aresources awith amerchants

a a a*** aBuild awonders aof athe aworld aand aunlock aall akinds aof alandmarks

a a a*** aStudy anew atechnologies aand aimprove athe acombat aeffectiveness aof aall aunits


a a a*** a50 acountries, a230 afamous agenerals, a216 amilitary aunits, a42 askills aand a16 amedals

a a a*** aMore athan a100 acampaigns, a120 alegion abattles, a40 achallenge abattles aand aso aon

a a a*** a175 atechnologies, aincluding aarmy, anavy, aair aforce, amissile, anuclear abomb, aand aspace aweapon
a a a*** a30 awonders aof aarchitecture aand a16 alandmarks

a a a*** a50 aachievements aawait ayour achallenge

a a a*** aTurn aon aautomatic acombat aand aAI awill acommand ayour aarmy

a a a*** aSeamless aworld amap aand aavailable ato azoom ain/out
a a a*** aConquest amode asupports aranking aon athe aGoogle aGame